Maltby Street Market: Favourite Places To Eat

maltby street market london

Borough Market has a reputation as the best food market in London. But just 10 minutes from here under some railway arches you’ll find a much smaller, but more than impressive competitor – Maltby Street Market. If you are the type who likes to go where the locals go, then this is the market for you. And for Londoners – if you haven’t been there already, it’s time to make the trip.

Visiting Maltby Street Market

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Where To Eat At Maltby Street Market Food Stalls and Restaurants

The mini market offers a nice atmosphere especially for a weekend stroll and a quick lunch. It’s not huge, but the range of choice is incredible. The place is pretty busy, but not too crowded, so I was very happy to learn you can still move around without feeling crushed or rushed along.

Where do I start? Maybe with…Quesadillas or tacos from the Mexican place Tamal (you can’t miss its adorable pink colour scheme for its stall) are an absolute must. Plus they are small, so perfect to share as well as leaving enough room for other delicious treats.

Cheese Truck London bring you killer grilled cheese sandwiches and if the photo above doesn’t make you want to go to the market then we can’t be friends. I know grilled cheese sandwiches are something you can make at home quite cheaply but this was worth every penny, and was the tastiest grilled cheese sandwich I’ve had since the summer of 2008.

African Volcano are famous for their peri peri sauce and marinades and make mean burgers that all well worth the praise and the queueing. You will not regret it – even their burger buns are seasoned – pan fried in onions in fact, and though it will make it impossible to eat without a knife and fork – you can add pulled pork and emmental cheese to the mix for their special ‘dirtylittlesecret’ burger.

Save some room for fudge brownies from Bad Brownie – or take them home to have with your evening tea? They have all kinds of flavours: good old salted caramel, raspberry cheesecake, bacon & maple syrup, peanut butter, and smoked chocolate and black pepper.

Little Bird Gin offers surprisingly strong and tasty gin cocktails, plus since they have their own space under the archway, decorated with retro furniture and antiques which wouldn’t go amiss in your grandpa’s garage, it makes a great place to sit down while you enjoy your meal.

I’ve tried Waffle On at another market and their inspired sweet and savoury combinations left me wanting more. What’s great about this place is they take waffles away from chocolate sprinkles and cream and show everyone that yes, waffles can be a main meal! (We definitely can be friends if you get this reference).

I’m hoping to hit the Avocado Cafe next time. With dips and other avocado-inspired dishes they all look too good to resist. Plus you know, it’s gotta be healthier than any of the above options – so maybe one to try when you’ve had one brownie too many.

Though you might know St. John restaurant for its popular Shoreditch branch, there’s also one here. I’ve heard nothing but great things about their famed bacon sandwich (“to die for”), so if that takes your fancy for breakfast or brunch, then definitely mark this one down for your to-do list – you can’t miss the white sign adorned with a pig.

You can’t eat here, but at the northern end of the market is a surreal prop/furniture store – complete with a chair that looks like the little brother of the Game of Thrones throne as well as skeletons and other weird objects that should probably only come out around Halloween.

maltby street market londonmaltby street market london

Maltby Street Market Opening Hours

The market is only open on the weekend! The current hours are
Saturday 10 am- 5 pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm

In December they organise a Christmas Market, keep an eye on their socials for those opening hours.

maltby street market londonmaltby street market london

Getting to Maltby Street Market

The market is located in Bermondsey (Arch 46, Ropewalk, Maltby St, London SE1 3PA) and the nearest stations are Bermondsey and London Bridge. Both are a 20-minute walk from the market. 

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