Public rooftop gardens have been popping up around London and I’ve made it my task to visit them all to check which one is worth the view!

What To Expect At the Free Public Garden at 120, Fenchurch Street?

Located 15 floors above ground, the Garden at 120 offers amazing views of London: from the Tower of London to the Gherkin and BT Tower and from the Shard to the London Eye and Tower Bridge. As well as many skyscrapers currently being built. It’s sad to think that in a few years the view will be very different. 

What I really love about the Garden at 120 is that you are immersed in London’s skyline buildings. And as you are not too far up you can actually spot other places from the top. I discovered the Minister Building looks spectacular from the top and never knew there was a little medieval church hidden between all the modern structures.

How Green Is It On Top of The Roof Garden?

Out of the Central London ones, this one felt the most like a garden. Even in mid-November, a few flowers were still in bloom.  The evergreen shrubs also give nice green vibes.

The pergola is covered with wisteria trees and I can imagine it must look amazing when they are in bloom. I’ve set a reminder to go visit in May.

Other Things You Need To Know Before Visiting The Garden at 120, Fenchurch Street

The rooftop garden is located on Fenchurch Street near Monument, Bank, Tower Hill and Aldgate tube stations.

Entry is free and you don’t have to book to visit the rooftop garden, just go to 120 Fenchurch Street and follow the signs and go through an X-ray scan at security before taking the lift to the top floor.

It’s open 10.00 – 18.30 during the week and 10.00 – 17.00 on the weekends. The public rooftop garden is closed on Bank Holidays. During summer there are extended opening times, best is to check their site before going to get the exact times.

There are toilets on the 14th level, which you can access via stairs as well as the lift.

There is no luggage storage, but you can bring a suitcase and backpacks with you upstairs as long as it fits through the security scanner. Just something to be aware of when visiting.

Skygarden vs Garden at 120

For me personally, the Garden at 120 was a better overall experience. While the garden is pretty minimal at the Skygarden (more restaurants than greenery), I can imagine it’s nicer to go there when it rains as it’s mostly covered/indoors, and if you want wider and taller views of London.

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