22 Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2022

I’m not even going to bother describing what the hell the year 2022 was. So I’ll just jump into the New Years’ tradition where I write down all the things I’m letting go of and cleanse myself for the new year. These are the 22 things I’m leaving behind in 2022.

My Job
After 7+ years it feels really weird I’m leaving behind something I’m familiar with, especially in these times. I’m not leaving the job to try and make it as a full-time blogger, so don’t worry about me trying to sell you courses. I’m just swapping it for another similar one.

Thoughts Of Failed Plans
I had the greatest plans for my sabbatical earlier this year and did and saw so much. Yet every once in a while I keep thinking about things that I wanted to do but didn’t end up doing. 

Netflix Subscription
Every year I say goodbye to a streaming service it seems, and this year it’s Netflix, which I’ve had since it went live in the UK. But as they’re going to cancel account sharing outside your household it has lost its appeal for the moment.

Unproductive Complaining
I can be a Negative Nancy at times, but I’ve slowly been eliminating what drives me to complain and now I’m just complaining instead of unproductive complaining.

Ted Talks Turned Books
If there is anything I learned from the 5 Seconds Rule is that most Ted Talks should stay a talk and not be sold or printed and sold as some kind of audio transcript

Keeping Just in Case Things
I was someone who kept everything, just in case I might need it. Therapy has helped me realise how to deal with that and since then I’ve finally gotten rid of items such as a backup perfume that I never really needed. 

Buying Vanity Fair
Once in a while I love to buy Vanity Fair, but as of mid this year the quality of the articles has gone down, the interview they gave poor Margot Robbie was the final straw for me and I’ll be saving that bit of money instead.

Soaps, So Many Soaps
I’ve bought and was gifted so many ‘posh’ soaps this year that I won’t need to buy any all through 2023, maybe even til 2025!

A Lot Of Random Stuff. A Lot. 
I did another 2 minimalist challenges which meant I threw out over 1000 items around the house. How is it still cluttered? I have issues, but that I am definitely working on.  

Fear Of Eating Fish
I’ve had to learn to eat it and this was the year. I’m not sure I’d order it as a main dish, but if it’s part of a smaller plate I might give it a go now.

Doing Things On Autopilot
I spent a big part of the year doing things on autopilot, and it wasn’t until my sabbatical at the end of the year that I learned to turn it off and I’m not planning on taking it with me to 2023. 

Having A Lot of Duplicated Things
The downside of buying secondhand is that I always needed to have a backup duplicate of the things I like and wear a lot. This year I didn’t do that. And though I might regret not having backup sneakers in a few months, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 

Bad And New Movies
In the words of the Netflix version of Anna Delvey: I do not have time, I do not have time for you. After seeing 3 horrible movies in a row I decided it was enough so I turned to older movies and watching movies has not felt like a chore anymore. 

15/20cm Of My Hair
It was the longest I ever had, but also the deadest as I ruined it with DIY bleaching. The hairdresser didn’t even have to say much to convince me to cut off as much. 

My Backpack
The big one that has been on many adventures in the last 15 years, but barely made it through my Tanzania trip. It was broken beyond repair. I loved it because it had a zipper so I could organise it easier, but that also meant that it was less strong and ripped easier. RIP. 

Thought Clothing
Thought was my go-to for the basics and then all of a sudden they weren’t anymore. The socks I bought pre-2020 are still in ok condition, while the pairs I’ve got after ripped within 6 months. I tried two more times and got the same, so I’ll have to find another ethical supplier for socks and such. 

My Comfort Zone
From surviving a surf lesson to trying to find new friends … I’ve tried a few things and more than often crawled back to my own corner, but in the end, I did something and learned a bit on my way. 

The Idea of Living In Paris
After having lived in London for so long I realised I was not up for another big city so I turned down a job offer. My gut feeling was confirmed after I traveled to Paris only days after rejecting the offer I felt peace. Paris is meant as a stop for me, not a destination. 

Another Dream Location
For that self-sufficient life that I want one day, I’ve been trying to get my hands on this specific location. I’ve been hoping for this specific location for 4 years, but the dream location sadly turned out not to be reasonable with what I have in mind. TBC. 

That Critical Inner Voice 
As part of my sabbatical, I worked on shutting that critical inner voice out. It’s shut out unless it’s to tell me I’m doing great. 

Greener Grass
As part of a project, I reached out to a few people who had it together. It turns out they declared they are not. And so many people I spoke to about this mentioned similar things. We should really just not assume things look as amazing as they do on socials.  

I worked on getting a routine together. Read books, listened to podcasts and feel like I’m getting there. I even finished this post 1 day before it was due. Little steps!

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