Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done in December

One of my 22 for 2022 goals is to write monthly round-ups and I want to kick that off with a look back at December.

I started the month at Somerset House where I enjoyed an ice-skate session, caught up with friends, and a Hotel Chocolate hot chocolate.

The French Dispatch exhibition that I visited in November had closed and when I walked by the cafe part I saw they did this as a little touch – just like in the movie.

I had so many other Christmas in London related things, but after people around me caught Covid one by one I decided to take a step back and just do the things outside. The main reason was that I really didn’t want to be sick on my days off. I had the busiest weeks at work and was so looking forward to a break.

The good thing about London is that there are enough things to see and do outside, so my afternoons out included visits to Maltby Street Market, Borough Market, and Vinegar Yard.

Halfway through the month I was finally able to book an appointment for my booster shot, it was the same week they announced that you can also go to walk-in centres too. My local vaccine centre is near my house so the days ahead I saw a queue and was worried I would have to wait for hours, but they sorted things out and had two queues. I heard there were days where people waited 3 hours in the walk-in queue! Die-hard and it makes me really happy to see people took it seriously especially right ahead of going home for the holidays.

I’ve planted a lot of garlic bulbs earlier in the month and they are growing, but it’s been exceptionally hot and garlic needs below zero in the first month so I’m not sure what will happen to them. Will they grow at all? Will they stay small? I’m definitely prepared for the worst, but we shall see in July.

We continue the month with more walks! I have to say Beckenham Place Park is the best place in South East London to go to: there is a woods section, a little garden and lots of other cute paths. And the coffee at the Homestead Cafe is just too good.

Throughout the month I watched a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies, like a lot… they’re usually on in the background while I do chores (that way I can justify them). My favourites were: One Night In December (with everyone’s favourite OC dad Peter Gallagher and horror king Bruce Campbell, A Kiss Before Christmas (where they reunited Susan and Mike from Desperate Housewives!!) and The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls (a worthy sequel to last year’s favourite The Christmas House).

Christmas was low-key and everything I wanted it to be. A walk around the neighbourhood, muffin, poached eggs and salmon for breakfast, and a classic roast for lunch (or an excuse for yorkshire puddings!). Followed by watching cosy movies and snacking on the rather large pile of leftovers.

I closed off the year with a Mexican feast (quesadillas, tacos, nachos and so many salsas!) and re-watched The Hobbit. I came across a supercut where someone cut the trilogy from 9 hours to 4 hours and it was so much easier to get through and appreciate the good stuff.

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