My 22 For 2022 Update I

We’re already three months into 2022 – I’m not even going to ask where the time has gone!

At the start of the year I made a list of 22 things to do in 2022, consisting of some one-offs and others that will take a while to complete. As it’s always a good idea to celebrate the little things you’ve achieved and completed, I thought it’s a good time for an update.

12 Walks In & Around London – I’m right on schedule as I went on three longer walks: Knole Park, Bushy Park and Reigate Hill/Gatton Park.

Do A Workcation – Sort of completed. I worked in Tenerife for 1.5 days. In case I don’t make it to a full week working from a different location I can count this as it technically was an XXS mini workcation.

Plant Another Green Garden – This one is in progress. As we speak, different variations of peppers, chilies, tomatoes, and onions are all coming along nicely. Next are the tomatillo, courgette, peas, cucumbers, potatoes and carrots. Along with lots of herbs and lettuces.

Give Compost A Go – Two bins down, many more to go! I’m doing bokashi composting where you essentially ferment your fruit and vegetable scrapings so they decompose but without the smell. I’m hoping it will give my vegetables everything they need to thrive.

Buy More Local – I did buy things that in the past I might have gone to Amazon for, including a bokashi compost kit, new gardening containers, and vitamin pills.

Write Monthly Update Posts Again – In progress! Did it for the first few months. But let’s see if I make it past April, in the past, that’s the month where it phased it down a bit because I either got busy or did nothing.

Write At Least 40 Posts – In progress. I should be writing 3.3 posts a month to reach this goal, which I’m far behind on, but I know at the end of the year I always post more so that should be fine.

Watch A Movie Set In Every Country I Have Been To – In slow, slow progress. This quarter I added 2 movies. One of those is Norway’s big hit Worst Person In The World, which is doing the rounds now and if it’s playing in a cinema near you I can highly recommend it.

24 Digital Detox Weekends – In progress. I do notice it’s getting harder now that we are back to normal, but I’ll get there.

30 Days Yoga With Adriene –  Check! I didn’t do it in one go or all in January, but in the end, I did go through all 30 sessions.

How are your goals and to-do lists for 2022 going so far?

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