11 Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2021

It’s that time where I talk about all of the bad juju that I’m not taking with me into the new year. Last year, I explained this was born out of a family tradition where we’d shower to wash off the bad year, get together around the toasty hearth, write the things we wanted to leave behind on pieces of paper, and then, to top it all off, burn them in the fire.

These are the 11 physical things and bad habits that I’m leaving behind in 2021.

All Of The Hair Bleach Stuff – In the last 19 months I’ve bleached my hair twice. I know it’s bad for my hair, not to mention the environment, but in my defence it was one of my ways of dealing with stress. I think it’s time to say goodbye to the this habit (I say this every time and then 5 years later I do it again!).

Losing Track Of My Future Plans – Mainly because I’m waiting for the right time. But if we’ve learned anything from this pandemic it’s that there never really is a good time. After two years, I’ve put back the focus on my next steps.

Mubi Subscription – In a world of film streamers Mubi was perfect to get me to cross off a few movies for my challenge where I watched a movie from every country I’ve been in.  But in hindsight, the offer has been so-so and not worth the tenner I paid for it every month. Hopefully, they’ll do an offer in the future.

My Saltwaters – The Boardwalk sandals lasted me 5 years before I had to throw them away. Thanks to a ridiculous discount code I got myself two pairs and though I’m conscious they’re probably made differently than 5 years ago, I’m hoping they’ll last me quite some time.

Uncomfortable Shoes – While we’re on the topic I have also promised myself that I will leave my uncomfortable shoes in 2021… While waiting for the new Saltwaters to arrive I wore some of my back-up summer shoes and remembered the reason why I never wore them only when I felt the first blister appear.

Phone Notifications – Throughout the year I’ve turned off app notifications one by one: I started with my Instagram and last week I turned off the last one: which was Whatsapp notifications.

Take Away Orders  – The lovely treat of takeaway deliveries sounds great on paper, but even though you can tip, it doesn’t feel the best ethically speaking. Instead, if I feel like ordering I’ll just put on my walking shoes and pick something up.

Thrifting Without A Purpose – I’ve noticed I bought too many things that I don’t really need. They were bought with the idea that I need them for one day.  And that’s a waste of money and not sustainable at all. As of a few months ago, I’m working with a wishlist and so far I’ve stuck to it.

Trying to do everything yourself – I hate hate haaaaaate asking for help… but this year I’ve slowly started to allocate and outsource tasks to other people (work and private) and you know what? It has started to grow on me. I can get used to this.

Unfinished goals – There are quite a lot of things from my 21 For 2021 list that I haven’t crossed off and you know what … they were never guidelines or resolutions so I’m fine with not being able to complete them all.

The outdated idea that you just need to work hard and things will come your way – I always end up around this topic with other international or third culture kids where our parents pushed the idea that we just need to work hard and good things will happen. These days it’s all about your contacts, marketing yourself, and shouting the loudest. Which I’ll be focusing on instead.

What are you letting go of this year?

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