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I recently went on a three-night cabin/tiny house getaway and packing for it proved quite the adventure in itself!

So I wanted to share what I crammed into my bag, plus the things I forgot or can recommend, all in the hope it might help you out if you’re planning a cabin getaway soon.

Here is what to bring on a cabin trip for a short staycation when travelling by train:

Where: just outside Pulborough

Weather in Pulborough: Sun, rain and wind. The usual suspects.

Travel clothing:

A skirt, t-shirt, jacket, sneakers and a raincoat… four seasons-in-a-day proof!

What you actually packed for a weekend away:

In My Backpack:
I packed my clothes in a packing tube – I used the Muji ones and managed to fit in 2 dresses, one pair of Saltwaters, 3 tops, 2 bottoms, underwear, socks and the usual toiletries.

I also had a bag with some food essentials: I prepared a garlic pasta and s’mores kit, fruit for breakfast and instant soup packs for lunch.

In My Totebag:
Here I stored a notebook, a few pens, one pair of sunglasses,  two books, an external charger, a camera and my water bottle.

Did you wear everything?
No, I didn’t wear one of the tops and one of the shorts.

Anything you wished you had brought along on this cabin getaway?
A blanket! Or even a scarf or sarong. Though there were chairs outside the cabin, I just wanted to lay down on a blanket.

Anything you wished you had left?
Nope, everything was packed as per the unpredictable weather and if I had left it I’m sure I would have needed it.

Did you buy anything while travelling?
Does fruit and corn at a local farm shop count? There weren’t any other shopping opportunities on this cabin trip.

Unplugged Gruff Cabin Tiny House

Anything else I should pack for my next cabin getaway trip?

My cabin was well-equipped, so I didn’t have to bring that many things, but depending on what you have booked, here are a few essentials that I missed on this trip or in the past that you might need for your cabin getaway.
External (phone) charger – depending on the type of cabin you’re renting, you might have plugs or a USB charger, but I’ve learned it’s safer to bring your own as well. I’m a fan of the Anker Power Bank.
Sleeping mask – the idea of waking up when the sun comes up is nice, but unless you want to join the 5am club, bring a sleeping mask!
Slippers – not only practical around the cabin and outside, but also if you’re staying at accommodations with shared showers.
Spices and herbs – If you’re lucky, your cabin might have salt and pepper, but for everything else you’ll want to take some of your go-to essentials. I put them in little tubs that came with food deliveries.
Blanket/large scarf – comes in handy for picnics on the way or just to lay down on the grass outside the cabin.

Portable radio – depending on where you’re going, I highly recommend a portable radio for unplugged-inspired entertainment. If you can find a good quality wind-up radio you won’t have to worry about the battery either.

A book – There are a few books in the cabin, but it’s always nice to bring one you’ve been meaning to finish.

(Paper) Kitchen towels
– While some accommodations might have kitchen towels, having your own paper kitchen towels is much more practical.

Do you have any top-tips or suggestions for packing for a cabin getaway?

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