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An update post on where to eat in Camberwell is long due! And as part of my ‘support your locals’ I’ve been trying out more and more places located between Loughborough Junction and St Giles’ Church.

Today I’m sharing some of my favourite places to eat, drink and feast in Camberwell!

Best Places For Coffee & Lunch/Brunch in Camberwell 

Lumberjack Camberwell

The folks at Lumberjack do make a mean latte and their lunch offer (quiches, sandwiches, and salads) are pretty brilliant too. They have a general store/deli with delicious goodies, but also cards, prints, and candles by local artists and brands. It’s the perfect place for gifts. Lumberjack has a downstairs seating area if you want to go for a seated meal. 

Get your well-earned caffeine kick at Irene Bakery & Cafe and you’ll find it impossible to turn down one of their must-have cakes and a loaf of their bread. If you are not in the mood for to-go you can sit inside or outside – but keep in mind that they are often taken, especially on weekends. 

Whether it’s a quick coffee or juice alongside delicious breakfast or lunch goodies, Lovewalk is the place to go. This is the largest brunch place in Camberwell in terms of inside and outside seats and does tend to get busy, but people don’t tend to stay for too long, so you’ll usually find a seat reasonably quickly.

gladwell's camberwell

Gladwell’s is a deli, grocery store, and wine vault all located in a beautiful former Grade II listed bank building. If you’re looking for lunch to-go, try their moreish smoked salmon and cream cheese or egg salad bagels. They also have a few tables inside where you can sit down and enjoy some of the baked goodies and coffee.

Grove Lane Deli is located in the former The Hill Bakery and offers a wide range of pastries and cakes made in-house, as well as coffee and a little deli section. I’m seeing their Camberwell cookie mentioned everywhere, but honestly, it’s the Sunday pies that keep me going back. Outside seats are limited to a few small chairs and tables. 

Grove House Tavern hosts Mondo Sando, which does the best sub sandwiches in London and has quickly become a local favourite in Camberwell. The ever-changing menu varies but is inspired by flavours of the world and always includes a top-notch vegetarian option too. If you like your subs light and crispy, filled to bursting with mouthwatering ingredients, and all wrapped up so you don’t spill too much, then this is the place for you.

Heading towards Brixton, you’ve got the slick coffee experts at Four Boroughs, the cosy workspace and pastries of Caya and superb food/coffee offerings of Annapurna.

Sunday Roast in Camberwell

On Sundays Grove House Tavern serves up delicious Sunday Roasts with a Mondo Twist – including crispy fennel seed roasties, miso hispi cabbage and their signature gravy. You can’t go wrong with any of the mains here, but the winner for me has to be the pecorino spiked sage and onion stuffing balls … or is it the local sourdough with the house umami butter that you’ll want the recipe for immediately?

The Camberwell Arms serves up roast dinners on Saturdays and Sundays, however, on Saturdays you get chips with your meal, and on Sundays, the traditional roasted potatoes. Don’t be intimidated by the fact you’ll probably have to book in advance, this place is very welcoming and the menu is stripped back, with high-quality ingredients, making it accessible for everyone and a great spot for friends or family. If you’re a roast potato fiend this is the place to be, with potatoes so crispy you won’t know what hit you, and their Hereford Beef Rump just melts in your mouth.

Eat Your Way Around These Places In Camberwell 

Falafel & Shawarma Camberwell

Picking the right place to eat in the Camberwell depends on what cuisine you’re in the mood for, as you can eat yourself around the world in SE5

Falafel and Shawarma is an institution in Camberwell and you have to try their falafel wrap. And say yes to garlic and hot sauce!

Whether you’re up for a top sushi platter, katsu curry or a poke bowl, Momo Sushi has you covered.

Nandine’s for Kurdisch. Whichever mezze platter you go for it will be the best choice you make that day.

Wuli Wuli Camberwell

If you’re happy to fork out a little more, Wuli Wuli is the place to be for delicious dim sum, noodles and dumplings.

Craving West Indies cuisine? Bread of Life has to be on your Camberwell dining bucket list. Their curries, stews AND patties (yes all the patties) are everything.

For all beige colours and salty flavours of tasty British grub make your way to the Fladda for Fish & Chips.

Pizzeria Theo's Camberwell

Flour To The People for sourdough pizza, especially if you’re after an incredible non-tomato base like their Garlic Pizza. For the best calzone go to Caravaggio and for pizzas that are a bit extra head to Theo’s.

For all the salty, sweet, sour and hot flavours of Vietnam go to Viet Cafe and treat yourself to a banh mi. 

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