Slow Fashion Season 2020 + Sustainable UK Webshops You Can Support

Slow Fashion Season 2020 is kicking off from 21 June – 21 September. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the (fast) fashion industry and how consumers can respond to it. They’re challenging you to make conscious clothing purchases for three whole months. You might have already done that given recent events, but now things are slowly opening again it might be tempted to fall back into your old habits. So having a three month goal to aim for might be just what we need.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive newsletters with tips and words of encouragement, or you can follow the community on Instagram for even more inspiration. To give you an idea about some of the topics and themes: what I really liked last year was calculating my Closet Mass Index, where you count all the clothes you bought new, items you were gifted and all the unworn ones. You can also split those into green or second-hand purchases. And from there, you can take it further and figure out why you don’t wear certain items in your collection, which can help you avoid making those purchase mistakes in the future.

The Slow Fashion Season choices are:

  • Avoid buying from fast fashion brands
  • Trade, upcycle or DIY clothing
  • Buy second-hand and vintage

And in light of COVID-19 they’ve added a new one:

  • Support sustainable, local, small fashion businesses

I’ve mentioned some of my favourite UK brands that I can highly recommend here. Today, I want to highlight some small UK webshops that sell international brands I’m a fan of. I feel the Dutch are way ahead when it comes to sustainable denim, while the Germans have next level essentials with more style than you can imagine, and the Spanish are acing it with ethical footwear. I personally try not to import items, that’s why I’m happy with webshops that curate and sell different brands making it easier for me to buy them. So, if you’re taking part in SFS and don’t have a local shop near you, here are the shops across the UK you can support while getting your hands green.

The Keep Boutique – London

The Keep Boutique is my local go-to boutique and I love that I can just pick up anything there and don’t feel bad about it.

Brands include Pala Eyewear, COR and Lowie

You can find their shop here – Give them a follow here

Mi Appeal – Liverpool

Sustainable fashion, natural organic beauty and ethical homeware – you can have it all when shopping at Mi Appeal!

Brands include Jan ‘n June, Swedish Stockings and Zola Amour

You can find their shop here – Give them a follow here

Found Hea – Bristol

Found Hea sells a variety of clothing, outerwear and accessories from ethical labels. They also have a huge selection of menswear.

Brands include the Girlfriend Collective, Mud Jeans and ARMEDANGELS

You can find their shop here – Give them a follow here.

treen – Edinburgh

treen is a vegan-friendly store that doesn’t sell any products made with animal skins or by-products.

Brands include Thinking Mu, KowTow and NudieJeans

You can find their shop here – Give them a follow here

If you don’t know where to start, why not check out: Slow, Ethical and Sustainable Fashion: A Quick Guide When You Don’t Know Where To Start + Affordable Sustainable & Ethical Clothing Brands

Want to know or need a reminder on what’s messed up in the fashion industry? Check out these documentaries and renounce your old ways.

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