How I saved £1300 in 45 minutes to invest in greener travel

Following up on my greener travel fails I started reading more on the topic and quickly learned I need more money and time if I actually wanted to travel greener. One of the main reasons people choose to take the plane over the train is because it’s cheaper, and it’s something I have done in the past, but now it’s time for a change. I also don’t want to drastically mess around with my main saving budgets too much and like mentioned in this I don’t really want to limit myself too much with activities and eating out, yet that money to go greener has to come from somewhere.

So, I went through all of my expenses with a critical eye and cancelled or adjusted where needed to free up some budget. This took me a total of 45 minutes as it all can be done easily online. I was so happy this meant I could also change my insurances quickly online – something I’ve been putting off because I didn’t want to talk to someone on the phone and have them persuade me to stay on.

All in all, I freed up almost £1300+ that I’m going to put this towards a greener travel savings pot and use it for greener transportation options and potentially eco friendly accommodation.

How I Saved Money To Travel Greener

First thing were all the online streaming subscriptions. I’ve been on Spotify and Netflix since they first launched, but I’m just not getting everything out of it. I’ve cancelled Spotify and Netflix subscriptions for now and will be watch shows on Prime – which I have until April. After that I might get a Disney+ trial or find someone to share and split passwords with. I also cancelled my live television, you can find my reasoning for that here.

Total savings of £35 a month = £420 a year

I feel like it’s very Dutch of me to have insurance for everything. Insurance is and always will be important, but there are ways to save on it. I had a look at my phone, my contents and travel insurance and have cancelled where needed or amended to my current lifestyle.

Total savings of £45 a month = £539 a year

I have a love hate thing with good old Pinterest and started using Tailwind to schedule in posts, but I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth out of it and decided to put the those funds to a better use.

Total savings of  £11.25 a month = £135 a year

Next up was the foods and drinks. Cutting out that coffee I have once in a while is not going to change much in my case. But my bi-weekly Oddbox definitely will. No matter much I love the idea behind Oddbox (rescued vegetables that would have gone to waste), it’s cheaper to get veg at my local market or Lidl.

Total savings of £16 a month = £200 a year

With this I look ahead with a much more positive outlook into investing the money into greener travel and am eager to start looking into the possibilities. I’ll do a check-in in a few months to report back on how it worked out in real life.

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