Eco Confessions: 4 Things That Need Some Work

I’m reducing food waste, recycling all the waste and repairing my clothes. Overall, I’d give myself a 6.9 for being green in my day to day life. Still, there are some things where I’ve failed in the last year that need some attention in 2021.

I’ve ordered on Amazon not once, not twice, but multiple times in the last year. It was a mix of not having another option and it being easier and quicker than trying to find it offline. I’m conscious of it happening and haven’t bought any Christmas gifts or any deals for Prime Day/Black Friday so that’s something. Right?

I had one pair of monthly contacts left back in March, they then sold out everywhere, and I gave in and bought daily contacts just in case I was going to need them. In retrospect, it wasn’t needed, but I still have 60 individually packed contact lenses. Ironically I had an eye check appointment scheduled before the first lockdown as I wanted to get new glasses. That’s on top of my list for when things open up again.

I still use plastic freezer bags! Some things just don’t fit in jars or tubs, and it annoys me so so much, but I keep going back to plastic bags. I do reuse some of them, but there is definitely some work to be done there in terms of eliminating them. I have one Stasher bag and hope to invest in a few more. I just need to physically see them to find the perfect sizing.

During the very first lockdown I made all my coffee in-house. But when things opened up I went out to support my local three coffee places. And though those were a nice treat, they do come with the plastic cups problem. I know most cups are recyclable, but I don’t really trust my council in actually doing this. There is a big chance it could end up in a landfill somewhere in Malaysia. This one just has to wait out the pandemic.

Hopefully this will give me enough pointers to work on and get myself to a 7+ by the end of 2021.

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