Weekend Happy List!

As part of the staying sane in January project I’ve been writing happy lists like crazy. Here are some things that made me happy over the weekend.

It finally snowed here. It sadly didn’t settle, but that didn’t matter as snow is one of my instant happy makers. The 45 minutes I spent watching it fall has given me an instant happy that will last until the end of the month.

The cup of hot chocolate that followed. I got the Chin Chin Labs starter kit and have been able to enjoy my favourite London hot chocolate from home. My recipe for the fluffiest hot chocolate is to make it in a pan and add a bit of frothed milk on top.

Re-reading my all time favourite book: The Unbreakable Lightness of Being. This book was the reason I wanted to learn Czech and read it in the original language. It lasted about 2 days as my friend only taught me bad words.

Going through photos of my visits to historic houses for the Bridgerton-inspired London locations. I miss snooping around in houses (legally, of course!).

Waiting in a queue isn’t too bad when you get to spot all the pups. This one has better winter wear than I do!

Making (and eating) Balkan-style potato stuffed filo pastry. I wanted to write potato pita, but since I used store bought filo pastry I’d probably get shamed.

Seeing a film that turns out to be a treat! First Cow is calming, raw and beautifully shot. If you get the chance to see this gem, do it!

Throwing out and recycling 150 items as part of my minimalism game challenge. Things that two weeks ago I wanted to hold on to just in case I’d need it I can now easily recycle.

The Urban Forager book that not only has the prettiest cover, but also great foraging suggestions that simply breaks down the plants, berries and flowers into seasons and includes a simple recipe. I can’t wait for wild garlic season in March.

A delicious jacket potato with the most cheesy, garlic and spicy baked beans sauce that was cooked for me. I didn’t even mind the washing up pile that came afterwards.

What was your weekend happy maker?

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  1. Ohh wat goed, ik wil misschien ook meedoen aan The Minimalism Game! Vind het idee alleen een beetje overweldigend haha.
    Dat hondje is zo lief en de sneeuw, aahhh zo mooi 😀

  2. Oké, het inspireert me dus echt dat jij zo goed bezig bent met the Minimalism Game. Dat geeft me vertrouwen dat ik het ook kan 😉