Thing I’m Looking Forward To This March

I didn’t plan much for February, wanting to take things easy, but then halfway through the month it really hit me and I got completely stuck in a rut. In order to get through the last month of lockdown (whoooh) I’m going to overstuff it with things to keep me busy in the evenings and weekends so my mind doesn’t have time to wander off.

Welcome daylight savings time. Not only is it the last month of lockdown, it’s also the month when the clocks go backwards again and we’re gaining that bit of extra daylight in the morning. I know it’s only the end of the month, so I’m going to enjoy the journey towards it as well.

Go out and do some foraging! Wild garlic and nettle leaves are on my hit-list. Can’t wait for wild garlic and home-made feta pastry pita. And washing my hair with young nettles. I just need to find my local spots as I can’t take the train to my usual places.

Also, planting my next batch of vegetables. Sugar snaps, tomatoes and tomatillos are on the list for March. I’m still not sure if I’m putting too much pressure on myself for this, but I figured it’s better to have a variety of veggies to the test.

Stay creative. I can’t go to New York to see the real Starry Night by Van Gogh, so my friend got me a paint by numbers set, so I can make my own! And I should give it a try if I can get the confidence. For now, I might just stick to the colouring books.

Put out new clothing items. A new season means a new capsule wardrobe! I’m not too strict about the amount, it’s just what fits on my clothes rack and drawer. Either way, it’s exciting to add some softer fabrics and maybe more colour or florals to the rotation.

New movies! From Raya and the Dragon to Gaia and Potato Dreams Of America. But I’m most excited to see Amy Poehler’s Moxie that’s coming to Netflix next week.

What’s March going to bring you?

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  1. Ohhh de bluebells, zo mooi <3

    Je plannen klinken leuk en goede – ik wil ook wel groentes zaaien 😀 Maar dat lijkt me altijd leuk en uiteindelijk bak ik er niks van (letterlijk en figuurlijk haha)

    En jaaa een schilderen bij nummer (eh met nummers? op nummers?) lijkt me ook leuk! Starry night is the best <3