Friday: Five Things I Enjoyed In January

One month down, eleven to go! Here’s what kept me busy while counting down the days for the lockdown rules to ease, the vaccines to arrive, or just for the seasons to change.

Care and Repair
I mend my clothes or take them to my local tailor if it’s a bit more complicated. In Japan – and other Asian cultures – they tend to patch things and highlight the tears and cuts by using the visible mending technique where you see the threads. I joined a workshop on this that was organised by Toast, and covered how to repair and restore cotton and linen by showing two techniques. Since then, I’ve worked on a pillow case, socks and a sweater. Next up…jeans?

There are a few other (free) planned events throughout the February if you want to give it a go.

I’ve been doing lots of reading. As my Prime only lasts for a few more weeks, I’ve been making use of the free Prime books that are in my library. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but apart from Mindy Kaling’s books and The Eight Sisters the selection is all a bit maeh.


Hobby of the Month
Making clay earrings has kept me busy this month. I initially started with a clay I found while tidying up and then later saw all the cute colours out there. So I bought a set and then some cutters from BeBrightnBlissfull on Etsy. I’m currently waiting for studs and rings before I can finish them and dazzle!

Re-Watching Classic Movies
Watching movies is my favourite way to kill time. But it’s such a shame when the movie is bad, so I’m aiming to re-watch more classics. This month it was The Godfather to Casablanca and Spinal Tap. I had to watch The Godfather around 20 times for a uni course and thought I knew it by heart, but turns out there are new things to explore with Micheal, Sonny and Vito.

I’ve written and published a post every other day this month. It’s been a nice thing to sit down and write things off, expand my niche and share my thoughts. My favourite posts were the How Green Is My Closet/Wardrobe, Lockdown Hobbies I Tried & Liked and the Seven Sisters Coastal Walk post.

What have been your highlights this month?

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  1. Ohh die oorbellen zijn heel leuk! 😀
    En die ‘repair’ techniek klinkt ook intrigerend, ik ga het eens opzoeken. Ik herinner me nog wel van vroeger dat mijn moeder een patch op onze broeken naaide als ‘ie stuk was. Het was bijna mode om een leuke te hebben haha. We moeten echt meer repareren voordat we het wegdoen!

  2. I like the earring style you are making with clay. You should carry on doing them they could be very popular on Etsy.
    I heard about this technic in japan like repairing porcelain bowl broken etc with gold. Its beautiful. Showing the life of that particular items through gold.
    what I enjoyed in January? Doing abstract acrylic painting and drawing manga oh and writing a boy love story .