Never Have I Ever: London Edition


I’ve been in London for some 600 or so days now and although I claim I am fully integrated, the tourist in me does come out once in a while and demands to be taken out to do something. You’d think by now that I’ve seen it all, but whenever I look at must do’s online or those rare times I look at a magazine or a real printed publication, I am failing big time.

Never Have I Ever …

Been to Cyber Dog in Camden. Is it wrong that I’m kinda scared?

Had a high tea or an afternoon tea – although this will change next month…

Seen the Changing of the Guard. What is the fuss about it anyway? Is it all those hats? Please help!

Strolled around The Kew Gardens, this place is a mystery to me. And the things is that I would love to go there, but on a short weekend it just seems so far away from where I live. I can’t be arsed to put on a bra and comb my hair and go all the way there.

Walked into Harrods … I just don’t see the appeal to go somewhere where I probably only can buy a key chain. Would they even let an Eastern European into Knightsbridge, let alone the shop itself??

Eaten fish and chips, but I have tested the water, or should I say gravy, with chips and I’m lovin’ it.

Been to attractions like Madame Tussauds, London Dungeon, or Aquarium.

Seen the cellars and crown jewels at The Tower of London. It’s my favourite building on the sky line, but I can’t be bothered with queues. Or spending more money to get a ‘beat the queue’ pass. I guess I think I saw it in Sherlock so that’s ok then.

Seen Westminster Abbey from the inside and I don’t really plan on it. I’ve been to St Pauls and I’m certain nothing can beat that.

Crossed the road at Abbey Road … I just haven’t come across it yet..

Am I missing out on any of the above?

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  1. Out of those, I’ve been to Cyber Dog (not scary! It’s also not that surprising/amazing, I think), watched the Changing of the Guard (and was very bored, wouldn’t recommend, but maybe it’s just me) and been to Tower of London (which is maybe the only one I would recommend? I did like it but I also understand the queues are a pain. They were for me too). Oh, I also went to Abbey Road’s crossing. I liked that a lot but because The Beatles have been really important in my life, so there’s that. You can always go though. It’s a nice enough area so you can just go for a walk there and stop by the crossing and the studios (which are right there too!).

    I think there are always gonna be things you miss, maybe especially! if you live in the city. Every time I move out of a city I go “damn, I didn’t visit so and so in the end” haha.

  2. Out of the above I’d say the only real miss is High tea but that’s gonna be fixed soon. Changing of the guards, so not worth it.. Booooring!! I did see it ages ago so unless they now do a disco dance it is safe to skip.

  3. I remember my friend dragged me to Abbey road and when we got there I said, “this is IT?!” I was so annoyed haha

  4. I have to say the fish and chips on the coast where I live are pretty fantastic tbh. I’ve never tried it in London, but seeing as I live so close to where fresh fish is caught…of course I’m going to be biased! :’)

  5. You should totally go to Harrods, the food hall is so beautiful and you can buy Harrod’s shortbread for a few quid!

  6. Oh girl, trust me, I have been in Paris for about a year now and am exactly as bad. I can’t tell you how many times I have made up my mind to do something cultural, and then just end up lying in a park all day (cough cough today) listening to music and chatting with friends. Hey, we’re just living life! 🙂


  7. Save the fish and chips for an English coastal town (or just go to Brighton and tell yourself it was london – close enough right?!) It’s just not the same eating fish and chips in a city/restaurant/your flat. HAS to be done in a car watching the rain fall into the sea, or on the beach if the weather is nice enough!

  8. I think you just have to do all the things on your list, they may seem passe or uncool, but the visits will be worth it. Get a bra on and get to Kew- it’s so beautiful (my mates dad is the head of the gardens so we visit very often and it doesn’t get boring). And like the other commenters I can assure you the Harrods Food Hall is pretty awesome 🙂
    P.S. How can you not have had fish and chips?! (NB. London isn’t the place to get them- head to the seaside instead!)

  9. I stumbled upon the changing of the guards two years ago and yes if it wasn’t by accident I wouldn’t go on purpose! Too crowded (even if it was November) and too much fuss about nothing. Kew Gardens on the other hand are one of my favorite places in London. Especially on a sunny day! Harrods are an experience, though they are a maze…literally! But I have a better proposal: Next to Harrod’s is Sloane street until you reach Sloane square. Has some amazing (private) gardens! I’ve been to Madame Tussaud’s twice in my life (with 6 years between those two times). It’s nice to go once…but totally overpriced. Wouldn’t bother about the Dungeon or the Aquarium.
    Westminster Abbey is totally different from St. Paul’s. It feels more like a museum than a church! I’ve been to Tower of London as well (on my last out of a total 14 visits to London over the years). If you go off season there isn’t a big queue, but then again it isn’t something breathtaking!

  10. The cemetries of Highgate, Kensal Green and, Abney Park. I am doing Kew next year. Tour of Royal Courts Of Justice. The Wellcome Collection is a must for me. Museum at night – no kids ! The Bank of England musuem. An opera/ballet – and we have to think of something to do if we do another meet up – thinking late November ?

  11. Pro tip: crossing Abbey Road is quite an adventure – the cars would not stop for John Lennon himself these days. Avoid peak traffic time and ruuuuun across 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your London posts, it makes me nostalgic for the two years I spent living there.

    Ps. Cyber Dog is kind of meh, but also worth it for the hilarity.