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London Hood You’ll Love: Peckham

Peckham London Things To Do

When you think of East London – the areas of Shoreditch, Hackney and Dalston probably come to mind, but they’re all north of the river, so why not consider heading south of that big blue water thing and visit the east, but also south area of Peckham?

A few years ago the Overground (that orange line on the tube map) opened and linked up Peckham with Clapham, Shoreditch and all the way to Highbury stopping off at Dalston and Hoxton too – so if you’re near those places you’ve got no excuse to not hop on the air conditioned train and see what’s what in SE15. Here are some of my favourite stops.

Peckham London Things To Do Peckham London Things To Do IMG_5266

Peckham London Things To Do Peckham London Things To Do

The Peckham Pelican has to be my favourite hideaway, and not only because it’s ridiculously cheap compared to other parts of London. As it’s on my way to do groceries I use the fact that it’s cheap as an excuse to have a bagel, or Earl Grey Gin & Tonic if it’s later in the afternoon, and post 6pm for the pizzas! It’s one of those places where you go for brunch at 11 in the morning and stay till the last orders at 11 pm, and don’t forget they display artwork on the walls and even exhibitions.

South London Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 1891, offering free exhibitions, live art, film and education events, bookshop & next to it you will find No.67 – an all-day cafe/restaurant which as far as I know, do not serve 67 types of coffee but the ones they do are pretty decent.

I also have to make a stop at Persepolis Cafe/deli, their nuts mix is to die for. And it’s a great place for a cheap (vegetarian) brunch, you won’t regret the mezze platter from their Snackistan menu.

Every Friday evening at The Crypt you can hear the finest improvised live jazz. But the best thing about this underground jazz club is that it’s located in a crypt of a church and has a David Lynch vibe going on. Even if you aren’t into jazz, you’ll like this place. It’s a bit dark for Instagram photos, though with a good filter I’m sure you’ll be fine.
Peckham London Things To Do IMG_5243
The Library is one of my favourite buildings in Peckham and the cold blue East European style structure definitely stands out amid the low-rise brick surroundings. But what is more interesting is a sneak peek of the London Skyline. Jump in the lift and catch the great view from both the lift and its upper floors. There are also books there too – yes they haven’t gone extinct yet.
Peckham London Things To Do Peckham London Things To Do Peckham London Things To Do

A bit further away from the high street (Rye Lane) is Bellenden Road – an picture-perfect hip, but somewhat small area where you’ll find curated stores and places to eat, drink and generally buy artisan food to fill your bike basket.

Trio is a cute space that lure you in with their foods and drinks and cute cards that you can buy. Then you start noticing kids. A lot of kids and find out it’s a ‘taking your kids is an encouragement’ kind of place. They even have a space that hosts events for pre-schoolers.  If kids bother you, avoid during rush hours but do go in as their iced tea was top notch.

Peckham London Peckham Plex Peckham London Things To Do

Around Rye Lane you’ll find the less polished Peckham with street food stalls, shopping centres and other places. One of those great places is Peckham Plex, I mentioned it here but they do movies for 4.99, which is pretty unique in London as tickets usually start at 12.00. Also, you can’t leave Peckham and not have a signature Alibaba Juice.

Summer is in full progress and with it comes barbecues, trips to the park, afternoons spent in the pub, and most importantly, the return of open air cinemas. One of the much loved ones is the Rooftop Cinema Club. Located atop a car park it offers a wide range of movies from May till the end of summer season, with everything from classics like When Harry Met Sally to recent dramas like Still Alice.

Another much loved activity in summer are rooftop bars and I like to follow everyone else to Frank’s Cafe, which is one of those places . There is a reason this is in my ‘Best Rooftop Bars of London’ round ups. A view that you just wanna turn off your phone, interrupt the person you’re talking to and just stare at.

Will you be heading to Peckham soon?

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! I just visited London last month but my stay was brief so I wasn’t able to make it around to this neighborhood — I’ll be sure to try to see it next time!!

  2. Really good photos! I have to admit I’ve never been in Peckham, but want to explore it too

  3. Your pictures are amazing!! Next time I’m in London I deff will visit Peckham

  4. Super leuke post! Ken deze wijk echt helemaal niet, maar wil er nu zeker eens naar toe! *adds to massive list*

  5. Lovely photos and great suggestions! I’ve never visited Peckham but I think it’s time to fix that. This makes me even more excited for my trip to London in early November!

    Happy travels 🙂

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! I’ve only been to London once, and it was for a very short period of time. Peckham is definitely going to be the first neighborhoods I hit up the next time I touch down in London town! 🙂

  7. Lovely posts on Peckham and Camberwell, and lovely photos. But…! The Crypt, South London Gallery, No.67 and even Peckham Pelican, are all in Camberwell!

    Think of Peckham Road like Oxford St. It’s the road to Peckham (or Oxford), but ain’t in Peckham!

    Go on stick them in the Camberwell Section!

  8. This looks so lovely! I’ve never been to London before, so this might not be an area for a first visit.