The Best Gifts I Gave Myself This Year

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As much as I love giving and receiving presents, I also love investing in myself. And who can argue with that? These are the best gifts I gave myself this year. Wool Socks – Never underestimate the power of thick wool socks to wear around the house during the colder months. Now I don’t complain about the heating being off until about 2 PM.

Cabin Getaways – Not going to lie … money wise they do add up as they were during the high season, but it wasn’t like I could have gone on a two-week all-inclusive beach holiday, but it was much needed and my mind will forever be grateful that I got to do this.

Taking Afternoons Off – I took off afternoons and blocked them in my calendar as ‘niksen’ (the Dutch art of doing nothing), in the end I of course ended up doing practical things, but looking forward to them was magic.

Phone Free Weekends – I’m so happy with what these have done to me that I’m hoping to double the number in the new year.

UpCircle Date Seeds Cream – Very few body creams don’t give me a bad skin reaction, but somehow the Date Seeds cream is working like magic. The brand is also cruelty-free AND ethical so go them!

Deck Chair – It took me forever to find the perfect chair for the garden and this deck chair has been the answer to all of it. Bring on Summer 2022.savoy breakfast at home

Hotel Breakfast At Home – I missed travelling: staying and exploring in new places, but mostly I missed hotel breakfasts, so when I saw that the Savoy delivered hotel breakfast I splurged and treated myself to the most expensive breakfast I’ve ever had. No regrets.

30-Day Minimalist Game – The Minimalist Game is a challenge where you throw out/donate/recycle 465 items over the course of 30 days. I did it twice this year and though it might not show in every room the space decluttered.

Noise-cancelling Headphones – with neighbours on all sides I cannot find one silent corner in the flat, so the noise-cancelling headphones have helped me to get through. I tested them in a busy office environment and sadly they aren’t office proof, but that’s a worry for later.

Train Ticket to Barcelona – It’s only for next May, but the planning and researching is something to look forward to. I’ve been to Barcelona twice, so I’m looking forward to seeing and doing things I’ve done before as well as some newer things.

This Dress – Every once in a while I find a vintage gem in my local charity shop and this dress was a perfect find for the warmer months.

Unfollow Sustainable Instagram Accounts – I started following accounts to help me up my sustainable game in two categories I’m not familiar with, but turns out most of them were policing, rather than inspiring / teaching, so once I started doubting myself I hit the unfollow button and do things at my pace.

What were your favourite gifts you gave yourself this year?

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