Evenings In London: Do You Remember Your First Night In London

Having already covered Amsterdam and Berlin memories by night, it’s time for us to take a look at Evenings in London!

Do you remember your first night in London? Did you visit the city on a school trip? Was it with friends? Or your parents? Do you remember accidentally getting on a tube during rush hour?

Chances are you walked from Big Ben/London Eye down to Tower Bridge. It is after all the perfect walk to catch a lot of sights without worrying about getting lost. Passing the Harry Potter (Millenium) Bridge, the Globe and Tower of London. Seeing cheeky Nando’s for the first time. Maybe even getting something from the menu to see what the fuss was all about.

Being in awe of Tower Bridge. Realising you’re actually in London! How amazing is that? Better take another picture as the previous 75 might not be as good.

Perhaps getting lost somewhere, but it’s ok because look what you stumbled upon! And there happens to be a Starbucks next to it, and what better place to warm up than Starbucks?

Trying to find a way out of Piccadilly Circus Station and then seeing THE fabled lights for the first time. Do you remember that? And if you’ve seen Times Square, you most likely felt disappointed as Piccadilly is absolutely tiny in comparison to the lights in New York.

Or perhaps you made your way to Piccadilly Circus via Leicester Square? Perhaps catching a glimpse of the stars at a red carpet film premiere. Or checking out the M&M or Lego stores?

What was better than sitting down next to Anteros after a long day where you hit 20K+ steps. Listening to the mishmash of languages around you. Wondering in how many photos you ended up in. If you were here on a school trip, did you dream of going off and discovering the city on your own? Or if you were there with a friend, did you have 5-7 shopping bags with you?

Making your way down and doing some window shopping at Fortnum and Mason and the arcades. And actual shopping at Waterstones. Wondering why the books are so cheap (they’re tax-free here – that will save you a Google Search)

Were you ever so tired and overwhelmed by the city that you even fell for the terrible charms of Bella Italia? (that’s still no excuse!!)

Taking photos of every phone booth you see. And some extra just in case.

Then making your way to the tube and to head back to your hotel or AirBnB. Bet you never thought you’d miss the smell of the stale air of the London Underground…

Do you have any perfect evening memories from your favourite cities?

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  1. Ah <3 Mijn eerste keer in Londen was op mijn 16e, met mijn moeder. Dat was een magisch tripje, ik heb toen zo genoten van de stad. Ik kan niet wachten om weer een keer terug te gaan!