December Evenings In Berlin

We can’t travel right now, but I can take you to some of my favourite December trips. Starting with good old Berlin.

From visiting a Christmas market in an abandoned theme park to queueing for the saddest burger and seeing the city from above. Here is what I saw, did and ate during my December evenings in Germany’s capital.

Seeing the Berlin landmarks – Alexplatz, TV Tower and the Brandenburg Tor –  in a different light.

Finding the Alternative Christmas Market at Spreekpark was quite the adventure, including a muddy walk through woodland paths with just a mobile phone light for guidance. But it was all worth it in the end. All the other Christmas markets we visited afterwards seemed just basic after this.

The one evening we decided to queue for food instead of making it at the apartment was a bad decision. Here’s why I wasn’t a fan of the infamous burgers at the under-the-bridge Burgermeister in Kreuzberg.

Visiting The Reichstag, The Wall Museum and accidentally crashing an art gallery opening were the better decisions of that trip.

 Post diner wanderings in the nearby neighbourhoods revealed some rather interesting architecture, including the impressive bridge you might recognise from Lola Rennt.

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