Easter Bank Holiday Weekend In Photos

I didn’t know how much I needed this long weekend! I made use of the loosening of the restrictions and took public transport to wander through a different area and meet friends in the park.

My bank holiday weekend started with an early early walk around a new-to-me common. It took two trains to reach, but this is what you get in return.

And how dramatic is this scenery?

Once back in my neighbourhood I checked out a new coffee shop and I wholeheartedly approve of their coffee! They’re in a courtyard and I can’t wait to check out the place on the 12th – when outside dining is allowed again.

The rest of the afternoon I spend potting seedlings and deciding which of the green gems I want to keep and which to trade.

In the evening I ordered Mexican and watched Godzilla vs Kong. It’s a messy, but fun film, and they managed to keep it under 2 hours, so that’s always a win.

Next day I went for a walk around Central London, and it was surprisingly empty. I’ve been to Central London on Christmas Day and have seen the abandoned and quiet streets before, so it’s not entirely new, but still feels surreal.

Especially crossing the bridges and not seeing the London Eye slowly rotating. The bridge is usually packed with commuters and tourists, but this time I only encountered two people across the whole thing.

In the afternoon I picked up a Too Good To Go bag. It’s the first veggie offer in my area, and it did not disappoint. £4 for all of this + 2 wraps. I won’t do it too often, mainly because of the plastic, but it’s good to have the option.

I also attempted baking Levain type cookies. These are stuffed with Kinder Chocobons and were soo gooey and crispy. There’s some left in the freezer, but let’s see how long they last.

Then I cooked a batch of katsu curry. Initially I wanted to use the aubergine and sweet potato from the Too Good To Go box, but then I found vegan nuggets and a batch of homemade gyozas that needed eating up. I watched Saint Maud, which was another good female written and directed horror film.

Sunday started off lazy! I finished reading Secondhand by Adam Minter (highly recommended) and then did some sun chasing in the garden.

Once the sun moved out of the garden, I got to preparing a Sunday Roast for lunch (with leftovers for dinner and next day’s lunch).

In the evening I re-watched Whisper of the Heart, I appreciate a good slice of life movie and this one has it all, as well as a sweet song to sing along with.

Monday was cold, and it even snowed for a few minutes! Thankfully it cleared up and I caught up with friends in a nearby park. And I even got to take off my jacket for 3 minutes during a brief warm, sunny moment.

And just like this cat I got the Monday feeling on my way back.

How was your long weekend?

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  1. Bijzonder om de straten zo leeg te zien, zeker in Londen. Ik vind het ook leuk om te zien hoeveel stukjes natuur er nog in de stad zijn. Die koekjes met die chocobons zien er heel lekker uit. Mijn lange weekend was vooral gevuld met niets en het was heerlijk.