My 21 For 2021 Update

kokedama jar & fern workshopAt the start of the year I put together 21 little-to-big goals to get me through the year. It’s a slow start, but so far I’ve completed 1 of them, but I’m well under my way for another 7.

Follow Four Other (Mini) Workshops
First was the visual mending, the second was a macaroon workshop and the third one was how to make your own kokedama. Though they’ve all been helpful in their own way, I most enjoyed making my kokedama – literally ‘moss ball’, but this is a Japanese technique where you put the roots of a small plant in a ball of soil and moss. There is just something about playing with soil, water, moss that feels so relaxing and meditative.

Watch a Movie Set In Every Country I Have Been In
Japan, Georgia, Bosnia, Finland and France are crossed off. UK and US obviously as well. So far my favourites have been Tampoko (Japan), Que Vadis Aida? (Bosnia) and First Cow (US). Only 31 to go!

Bake / Cook 10 Items From My List
I’m 4/10 in with classics such as onion soup, lasagna and bagels. And, yes I have made Alison Roman’s cauliflower pasta and I can’t get enough of it. I’ll be so sad when cauliflower season is over, but that will give me a chance to move on to the next things on my list.

Start Getting My Essentials Plastic Free
The wonky veggie and fruit box that I subscribed to has been a lifesaver the last few months, and I’ve been able to get most of my weekly veggies plastic free. To give you an idea: when ordering online 9/12 of my go-to vegetables, fruit and herbs would be wrapped in plastic. Now it’s only spinach or rocket. Next I’m hoping to do a zero waste bulk pantry essentials order.

Read At Least One Book In Every Language I Know
I stuck with English and French this quarter. My French picks were The Little Prince and a Tintin and Milou adventure. I know I’ll read less during the warmer months and I hope to pick up this project later in the year.

Optimise My Old London Posts
You might have seen a post or two go online, but I found it weird to write about all the amazing London things at first. But now there is an endpoint for this – I’ve updated quite a lot of them.

Do The 30 Day Minimalist Game
Completed! The charity shops aren’t open, so I changed the rules a bit. In this round I mainly focused on decluttering things that I could directly recycle and it managed to find those 496 things. Here is what I gained from the challenge.

Digital Detox One Weekend A Month
I’ve done three so far! It’s obviously easy to do it now and I haven’t gone 100% offline with these and have allowed myself to jump on the laptop. With a laptop you still have the realisation where you open it up and log in and doom scrolling just isn’t as fun. My main takeaway so far is that I’m back to normal the Monday after. So I need to come back up with a plan for that.

The coming months I’m hoping to continue watching movies, maybe cross off something from my travel goals and look into getting a refurbished phone.

How are your goals for 2021 going?

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  1. Leuk deze post! Goed idee om eens terug te kijken naar alle plannen nu we alweer op 1/4e van het jaar zitten! Hoe bizar snel gaat dit jaar haha. Wat staat er nog meer op je kooklijstje? En ik ga Alison Romans cauliflower pasta meteen opzoeken! Ik heb haar ‘the stew’ ook gemaakt 🙂