23 Photos to Inspire You To Take A Hike Around London

In the last two years I’ve done around 20 long walks around London and have encountered many sceneries, sights and settings I wouldn’t have expected for a city. Today, I’m sharing some of the greatest treasures I came across on my trips and where you can find them.

From the cutest ducklings to mud bathing deers and curious cats… depending on the month and season you’ll for sure run into some of them.

You know what’s better than a storefront with plastic flowers that you see all over your social media feeds? Real flowers! And you will see a lot of different colours and sizes on your way.

It’s not all nature and green. On many of the walks you’ll encounter unique architecture on your way. We’re talking various mills to Rapunzel style towers and snapshots from every modern era.

Most of the walks go through parks, commons and other green spaces that all have their own ways and charms to help you bring out your green side.

What’s the best thing you’ve encountered on a walk?


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  1. Great shots. One of the wonderful things about London is that it has so many green spaces, from parks and commons and squares to riverside walks.