My Amsterdam Bucketlist: Things I Want To See & Do In Amsterdam

As I’m heading to Amsterdam sometime soon I decided to update my bucketlist, and since I’m writing it out why not share it?

Every time I go to Amsterdam I tend to do the same things: quickly pop into a vintage shop or two, stuff myself with satay-covered fries and try to do something touristy that’s on my list. So far I’ve checked out one of Amsterdam’s hidden churches, went on that swing on top of a tall building, and did a bunch of walking tours.

Enjoy A Cheese Fondue At Cafe Bern – Apparently, the cheese fondues there are to die for. The last time I tried to get a last-minute reservation the waitress just laughed in my face so I need to plan that ahead.

Go On A Canal Boat Tour – Is it one of the most touristy attractions? Yes! Does that mean it’s less fun? NO! I actually did go once when I was filming a school project, but since I was preoccupied it doesn’t really count so that gives me an excuse to go again and enjoy it at my own pace.

Dine at Vuurtoreneiland – Vuurtoreneiland is where you get to escape to an island and dine in a glasshouse restaurant. I mean, what’s not to like?

See A Film At Tuschinski – I can’t believe I still haven’t seen a film at the most gorgeous Art Deco cinema in the city (maybe even the world?). Definitely need to change that…

Dance The Night Away – I probably only will last for an hour or two but please give me the Paradiso or Melkweg dance floor, my dance partners in crime and a good DJ list and I will be one happy human.

Visit The IJ-Hallen Flea Market – At the biggest flea market in Europe, I can only imagine the number of vintage clothes that I could stumble upon. Keeping this one for a nice summer day.

LMAO At Boom Chicago – I’m sure there are other improv shows, but there’s only one place where I can see the future Jason Sudeikis, Amber Ruffin, or Seth Meyer (all ex-alumni), and that’s at Boom Chicago.

See Hortus Botanicus By Day – I have seen the botanical garden in the evening during one of their winter events, so it only makes sense to visit it in the daylight when all the flowers are awake.

Revisit Rijksmuseum – I have gone to the Rijksmuseum to check out the Night Watch and went to a few other wings along the way, but there is so much I have missed out on. Must keep an afternoon or morning to check out everything this place has to offer.

Do you have any tips for hitting up Amsterdam?

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