Taking the Eurostar from Amsterdam to London: What To Expect At The Eurostar Terminal

Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam London Central Station

Taking the Eurostar between London and Amsterdam is the least stressful and most pleasant way to travel! I’m so happy that they now run direct trains back to London. Eurostar now takes you directly from Amsterdam Central Station to St. Pancras International Rail Station in just 3:52 hours.

Eurostar has been running direct trains from London to Amsterdam for a few years now, but for the return journey passengers always had to change trains at Brussels to go through a passport check. Now that the Eurostar Terminal in Amsterdam is finally open, you no longer have to change in Brussels.


You now have to check-in at least 45-60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Make sure you have access to your e-ticket via the Eurostar app on your phone or print your tickets.

Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam London Central Station Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam London Central StationThe current check-in procedure is:

  • If you enter from the main doors, walk all the way to the back, up the stairs, and then towards the end of the platform to platform 15b
  • Once inside, they first check your ticket and you then go through luggage control where your bags get checked. Here you have to remove coats, any items from your pockets and belts.
  • Once you’ve gone through the security you first go through Dutch customs and then the UK one.
  • Then you just wait and board your train once they announce it


Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam London Central Station

As I like to do with airports, I thought I’d answer some of the FAQs you might have about the Eurostar Terminal in Amsterdam.

What’s the most important thing to know?
The lounge has some high tables, seating areas and charging points, but it’s really small compared to the Paris, Brussels, and London departure terminals.

Now for an easy one … How much for a bottle of water?
A bottle of water costs €2.65. Which you can find in the only vending machine in the lounge. It’s worth noting that you can only pay by card. My Monzo credit card worked fine, but I don’t know if debit cards are accepted.

There is also a water refill point, so just bring a water bottle with you.

Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam London Central Station

And can I get my Big Mac or a grande triple chocolate soya mocha shot at the station?
Hahaa. No. There is a vending with snacks and soft drinks and one for coffee and tea. Before you go to platform 15b you can pick up delicious food in the main station area. Indulge in Dutch classic fries with a kroket from the wall at Smullers. Or a nice cheese sandwich from Broodzaak. Or go for a healthier option at The Yoghurt Barn.

Whatever. What about the real essentials? Is there Wi-Fi?
Yup, you have to sign in to the KPN hotspot and follow the instructions. On my phone, I could upload photos and watch videos without any issues – even with 200 other people doing the same.

I know enough. Can I charge my phone, tablet and laptop while waiting?
You sure can! If you can find a spot that is. On high tables, there are enough charging points, but the place is not built to hold hundreds of people, so you might need to hawk around for a spot.

Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam

Are the chairs comfortable at all? Could I nap a bit comfortably after an all-nighter in Amsterdam?
There are a few sofas that look suuuper comfi, so as long as you can find a spot you and your ass will be fine.

What about the toilets?
Just one male and one female toilet! Which is shocking for the amount of people going through the place. During my visit, there was a queue for the female toilet at all times.

Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam

Anything cool you saw?
In the vending machine, you can find a selection of fine Dutch goodies. How about Chocomel, Red Band sweets or a stroopwafel. Can recommend it if you haven’t tried it while in the Netherlands.

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