Boutique Hotel the Exchange, Amsterdam: 10 Favorite Rooms

Hotel The Exchange is a boutique design hotel in central Amsterdam. The hotel combines fashion and architecture in unique rooms ranging from one to five stars. The rooms of hotel the Exchange are ‘dressed’ by fashion designer students from the Amsterdam Fashion institute who gave each of the 61 rooms their own character.

01 Frontside Hotel - photo credits to Mirjam Bleeker

I am a big fan of art meets hotel scene and this is a great example of thinking outside the box. During my stay I stayed in the Bird Room, which means I have another 60 room to try for future trips to Amsterdam. Here is my top 10.

Braille by Malu Gehner - Mirjam Bleeker
Braille room by Malu Gehner

Building a view by Anne Wolters - credits Mirjam Bleeker
Building a View room by Anne Wolters

From Amsterdam with Love by INA MATT - credits Mirjam Bleeker
From Amsterdam With Love room by Ina Matt

Golden birds by Ina-Matt - Mirjam Bleeker (2)
Golden Birds room by Ina Matt

History Repeated 5 - designer Anne Wolters - credit MB
History Repeated room by Anne Wolters

I still remember by Sofie Sleumer - credits Mirjam Bleeker (1)
I Still Remember room by Sofie Sleumer

Marie-Antoinette by Roos Soetekouw - Mirjam Bleeker (1)
Marie Antoinette room by Roos Soetekouw

ODD room by INA MATT- credits Mirjam Bleeker
ODD Room by Ina Matt

Old lovers by Olga Vokálová - credits by Mirjam Bleeker
Old Lovers room by Olga Vokalova

Rembrandt room by Roos Soetekouw - credits Mirjam Bleeker (1)
Rembrandt room by Roos Soetekouw

What is your favoriete room?

all photos by Mirjam Bleeker

8 thoughts on “Boutique Hotel the Exchange, Amsterdam: 10 Favorite Rooms

  1. Laura

    Wow, that’s really cool.
    Think I like the Rembrandt room the best.
    Laura xo

  2. Lucy

    I love hotels with character that are unique and these rooms are really quirky. I love the one with the wires around the ceiling Lucy

  3. Simone

    O cool!! I never really sleep in Amsterdam since it’s so close to home but I’m kind if curious to try this place out. I love the Rembrandt room but the Marie Antoinette one is kind of funky too.

  4. Regina

    I would want to stay in the Marie Artoinette room (I also really like the bed!) or the ODD room.


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