airport or airplane annoyances

airplane airport annoyances irritations

People who don’t have their passport and/or ticket reading while waiting and causing congestion when it’s their turn to go through

Those people who complain about everything and everyone

People who cause a line at the security check because they forgot to pack their liquids bag

Those who go through the security check and accidentally leave a water bottle in their bag – even worse – when you’re THAT person

Overpriced food and drinks

When you want to buy the smallest item in the shop, like a pack of gum, and have to show your ticket

People who don’t know how the trolleys work

Crying children next to you on the plane – I understand it’s a strange situation for them, lots of people, pressure on the ears, etc. But yeah, that doesn’t stop it being annoying

Not enough seating areas at airports…

And when you eventually find some, you’re faced with horrible and uncomfortable chairs that even the most chilled out person would find it hard to relax on

Parking at airports

When one of the headphones doesn’t work – if it wasn’t difficult enough to enjoy the latest Michael Bay offering, you’re doing it in mono.

Hardly any outlets in the airport, especially when you’ve gone through security and are essentially their retail prisoner until boarding time.

Stag / Bachelor parties – normally drunk before they’ve even boarded the plane, or possibly even before they even got up that day.

People who push their chair back. All the way

The infuriatingly long wait to get on and off the plane – and the subsequent squeezing off in a battle of “who goes first”

Am I forgetting anything?

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  1. Haha, this made me laugh. Reclining chairs are unforgivable if it’s not night time! 🙂

    1. I know! wish they showed air-plane etiquette after the safety video.

  2. Let’s not forget 1) the overly chatty passenger who wants to talk about everything in life and ignores your sunglasses and headphones vibe of leave me alone & 2) the child sitting behind you who pulls himself up by using your seat as leverage and kicks the back when he feels like it (and the parent who continues to let him do so). I guess it’s all part of the flying experience! I just tell myself at least I’m only a few hours away from where I want to be.

  3. Overpriced food is so annoying, I don’t know how they get away with charging that much! And people fighting to get off the plane is the worst, they only end up waiting for their luggage like everyone else anyway. Great post! x

  4. Haha these are so true! Specially the screaming baby and annoying passengers are sooo annoying, we should always carry a god pair of earphones which don’t let outside voices in and work properly and listen to music ooor pretend that we’re listening 😉

    You have a great blog!

  5. Hahaha! this is totally on point. I turn into the most hateful person every at airports. too many people in one place intensifies the stupid levels! the worst one for me is probably ryanair airlines and their smokeless cigarettes! xxx

  6. One thing that really annoyed me on my last trip was that the airline’s hand baggage size was a lot smaller than other airlines and I’d tried really hard to make sure my boyfriend and I’s bags were within the limits (I must have re-packed a dozen times)… only to get to the flight and see that nearly everyone was carrying on bags DOUBLE the size of mine! One person had a suitcase, a backpack and handbag and the staff didn’t bat an eyelid!

  7. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this made me laugh – I can relate completely. For instance, on a flight home from London I was stuck beside a writer. That would be fine, if it wasn’t for the fact that he smelled so gross and every time he lifted his arm, while writing, I got a “nice” smell of him…. yuck… and yeah, all those other people you described were on the flight too. haha

  8. People who take their bloody seatbelts off as the stewardess is telling them to do the exact opposite! Or, as the stewardess on our Jet2 flight said to a man “Wow, it’s really impressive that you can stand up and reach your bag whilst your seatbelt remains on!”

    Sammy xo.

  9. Haha, great description here…
    Luckily not all flights are like that… Or… am I the annoying drunk person?
    Nah. 🙂