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We are almost halfway through the year, you guys! How many things have you crossed off your list for 2016 so far? Or will you be rushing for success towards the deadline in December? May had a few Polaroid worthy days, so here’s what went down.

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No matter if you look up, down, left or right London is camera ready at all times and locations.

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In a little side street off Carnaby Street I spotted this wall that pretty much was made for photo opps and social shout outs // I finally crossed off something from my Awesome things I want to see and do in London list: an Afternoon Tea at the one and only sketch. Took me a while but worth every penny to get some Tea on Tea action.

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Amsterdam, damn you for being so photogenic. I went to Amsterdam to gawp at Eurovision and catch up with my friends, the downside wasn’t that Holland didn’t win, but that I accidental gave my phone swimming lessons in the sink. On my last day I strolled through the city centre to the train station and snapped a few of the canals and the Amsterdam houses, while still mourning my phone of course!

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I gave The Skygarden a second chance, but it wasn’t much better honestly // Still worth a visit as it’s free and has great views of Tower of London, Tower Bridge and pretty much all over London.

Whereas last month I only managed 5 posts, this month I didn’t do much better, the 6 May posts are: on free things to do in Berlin // April’s Polaroid overview // some more Copenhagen ramblings // Things to do AND things to avoid in Dublin // Five bloggers shared the story behind their favourite passport stamp/visa and a new awesome things I’ve seen and done in London that you should do too. In retrospect I’m going to go with a business/management cheat from now on – use percentages! Suddenly one extra post is a ‘20% increase”. Horray, and bonuses all round!

How was your month of May?

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