Burger, She Wrote

BurgersHappy Hamburger Day Ya’ll! Here is just an excuse to share some of my burger loves and loathes.

Uncover their secret password for special VIP treatment: Butcher, Amsterdam

I’m bouncing between whether kangaroo burgers are actually good or if it’s the spices: 1000 Pound Bend, Melbourne

The ‘I never can pick so I am happy there is a place they offer sliders’: Burgermeester, Amsterdam

Americans winning in London: Bleecker St Burger, London


Screw that horrible chain, this place is the true meaning of a ‘gourmet burger’: Elliot’s Cafe, London

Who would have thought Mrs Sister Act would give her name to a Japanese chain: WP Gold Burg, Tokyo

Favourite side dish – yes, it’s coleslaw, but daaamn it’s good: Patty & Bun, London

Totally worth navigating east London and Wapping Market for: Mother Flipper, London

Must Try Before I Die: In-N-Out Burger, LA

The ‘originally humble Brixton burger place which has gone on a dramatic expansion across London and losing its touch’: Honest Burger, where there isn’t a Starbucks or Pret.

I’ve been having vegetarian this whole time: Lord of the Fries, Melbourne

Best use of a gherkin – deep fried: Meat Liquor, London


Yes, they do Rice Burger Buns: Mosburger, Japan

The Never Say Never But Never Again: Burgermeister, Berlin

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  1. I can’t imagine that a kangaroo burger would be very good! Aren’t they super lean from jumping around all day??

    I love how you’ve remembered all these burgers you’ve eaten!


  2. There’s such a thing as a Burger Day? Didn’t know that.
    Impressive memory of burgers for sure.

    You’ve definitely managed to make me hungry with this post.

    I’m not a big fan of Meat Liquor myself – too much ado about nothing.

    But I love how you can always find a decent burger wherever you are in London as there are lots of burger chains opening up,

    Might not be the best choice for those looking for something special but they are an easy option and can satisfy all members of a group.

    Marilia: Wanderingislander.com

  3. I’m not going to lie, I mostly clicked on this post just for the title, I love a good pun! I’m glad I can’t say no to a burger either and all of these places just went on my list of places to visit. It’s okay to plan your holidays around burger restaurants, right?