Things I Would Blog About If I Had A Fashion Blog

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Every Wednesday I would post a Wishlist Wednesday with the most sought-after items I’ve laid my eyes on. On Twitter I would try to get the brands’ attention by using their handle. Bring on those freebies!

Obviously I would devote post after post to the Alexander Wang for H&M collection. Because you know … he is a God and can’t do anything wrong.

I totally would blog about that one time I found this & Other Stories shirt for just 6 pounds at TK Maxx. Or maybe not … not sure it’s ok for a fashion blogger to get last season’s clothes from there.

Solange’s wedding outfits? Here you would find an in-depth analysis of her and Queen B’s outfits.

Because I obviously LUV my readers I would set up lots of giveaways. To even make a chance to win you would have to follow me on Instagram, do a Twitter shout out, like me on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest, and like the post on Bloglovin. Don’t forget to comment.

Ever since I laid my eyes on this cute Petit Bateau dress I made hundreds of outfits in my head. It’s a perfect dress for one of those one dress > seven outfits post. Of course there also would be a Pinterest board devoted to it.

That Duoboots event that took place last night? You would read a blog on that now.

I am not sure I would like the furry coats fad that is going on now, but would definitely jump on the hats and oversized cardigans bangwagon and post-inspiration Lookbooks.

An arm candy photo with a rose golden watch and a lot of bracelets would be the most liked photo on my Instagram.

Alexa Who? She is so 2013. My fashion inspirations would be fellow bloggers like Lisa Olsson with her Scandi meets edgy meets chic style.

A lot of Zara related posts. And as a true fashionista I would combine my vintage finds with Zara.

The capsule thing? Definitely would try that and fail big time. Then devote a blog on what I learned from the process and why it’s not for me.

I would have a ‘Buy My Closet’ tab where readers can get my last season clothes. The two seasons old River Island things would be marked as vintage.

My outfit of the day shoots would take place in the coolest London locations, I would perfectionise my deer in the headlight look and filter every photo to hide any unevenness. And because I can’t choose I will most probably post 20 of the same shots.

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  1. This would be such a beautiful blog! I would totally fawn over the Zara posts!

    H x

  2. I’d say you should go and be a fashion blogger now since you know great and related things to write about!

  3. This oozes sarcasm I love the ingenuity and the concept. I would love to do buy now warbrobe especially if most of it came from Zara. Lucy x

  4. Love this! Especially the ‘vintage’ Buy My Clothes comment.

    You’d also need to photograph any new shoes with a posh candle and a vase of pink peonies in the background :-p

    Sometime Traveller

    1. But I LOVE fashion blogs and it’s my favourite entertainment next to Storage Hunters! These are just my sarcastic observations