My Travel Regrets

bondi beach

Saving money on the wrong things
I thought it was right to save money by not going to places or doing things and looking back it’s kind of stupid because because I missed out. From now on I know that I should do them anyway and worry about money later.

Not surfing the Bondi Beach waves
In Sydney I did the Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk and I know it is soooo cliche, but I was looking forward to a surf lesson at the end (because you know…Bondi Beach). But there was that ONE person in the group who was not feeling up it for no particular reason and the group decision was not to do it. Meeh.

Not going to Auschwitz II – Birkenau
We have all learned about the cruel things that happened at concentration camps, but you don’t realise how deeply tragic these places are until you actually go there. One of the baracks was filled with shoes and there it hit me and I handle it anymore. We decided not going to Auschwitz II and looking back I do regret that because it’s not a place I plan to revisit.

Skipping famous attractions because entrance price too high
£16 admission for St. Paul’s Cathedral is actually a lot, but when I was on top I realized it was totally worth it and that I sometimes should go with the flow and be a money throwing tourist.

Taking long bus rides
Not all of them obviously, but taking a 15+ hours bustrips on the night bus to save a twenty on a hostel seemed a good idea at those times … if you can sleep on a bus (I’m lacking in this talent). Looking back I realise why I didn’t for example didn’t fully enjoy Istanbul because I was dead tired.

Taking the train to Monaco
A few years ago I went to Cannes Film Festival and felt like taking the train to Monaco, boy was that a waste of time. Thank God I had a friend with me and we could be grumpy about it together. As long as I’m not filthy rich Monaco is just not for me (or at least I got that impression).

Not visiting Lapland while I lived in Finland
I did an exchange in Finland and there was an organized trip to Lapland where you got to visit Santa’s Village, and see the Northern Lights.  I didn’t do it because I had a trip booked to Cannes Film Festival and really couldn’t miss the money. I still should have gone and lived off good will from my fellow students.

Not flying via Dubai 
When I flew to Melbourne I choose to fly via China instead of Dubai. It would save me €150 and the transfer time was meant to allow me to get a temporary visa so I could go outside and see Guangzhou. But this didn’t go according to plan – they didn’t understand us and we couldn’t leave the mini transfer hall for the whole 15 hour transfer time. On top of that me and my friend could not take any cash with our maestro cards, I didn’t know the pin to my new creditcard, we didn’t have much food and we had barely had enough money for one tea and some kind of sandwich. Dubai would have been so much easier and I would have crossed off lunch on the top floor of El Burj.

Not investing in good travel gear
Like buying cheap shoes. My grandma says: always invest in good and comfortable shoes and bed because if you are not in one you are in the other. So when it comes to good hiking shoes I should not go for a cheap option and have to replace it for my next trip.

Have you ever saved a few dollars, euros, pounds or any other currency on the wrong things?

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  1. ZO herkenbaar. Vooral die lange nachtbussen zijn aan mij niet besteed (één keer naar Londen gedaan en ik was gebroken…). Ik heb gelukkig wel gesurfd nabij San Diego maar MAN wat is het zwaar (en leuk, maar dat wil je niet horen). En ik ben inderdaad niet op St Pauls Cathedral geweest want die twintig euro voor een kerkbezoekje vond ik toch iets te gortig…

  2. Eens wat betreft de nachtbussen. Ik slaap dan niet en vind het bovendien veel leuker om overdag het landschap te zien veranderen. Verder baal ik dat ik nooit naar de top van de Eiffeltoren ben gekomen vanwege hoogtevrees en dat ik in Zuid-Thailand te veel ben blijven hangen op de toeristische plekjes. Zou willen dat ik ook op van die idyllische eilandjes was geweest.

  3. I really enjoy reading your travel-related posts!

    My travel regrets include not travelling when I had the disposable money and also not fully immersing myself into an activity as I was pre-occupied thinking about my deadlines once I get home!

    Julia xo

  4. I loved this post! I couldn’t really travel when I was a kid because we didn’t have the money to do so. I think maybe because of that I still feel like I shouldn’t spend that much money on travelling sometimes and always consider staying at home. I really try to change this approach to travelling because ultimately who knows whether I’ll have the time to go exploring the world as soon as I really actually have the money? Thinking this way actually helps me a lot and I have never regretted going to places in the slightest regardless of what it cost me to get there, the only thing I’ve regretted is not going.

  5. I always regret not doing things when on trips because I don’t want to spend money! Trips can get expensive so easily, and I alwaaaays end up missing out on something because fear starts creeping up that I might not be able to pay my bills next month if I go do this or that. But you’re right- missing out on something is silly, when you can worry about money later, and not have any regrets!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  6. Yeah, I need to work on how to balance saving for travel but also having a social life! I told myself that I’d go out (and spend money) with my friends once a week. I could see them more, of course, but we’d be doing things that don’t involve spending money! Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Happy travels 🙂

  7. Have been reading your blog for sometime now… and I really enjoy coz you do what I wish I do even now. Until I was single, I used to plan a short travel or get away for my birthday or anytime close to month of Feb. Your blog will surely help us to have a quick check on what or what not to do.. that may be so different from the usual travel guides… Thank you for your good work!

  8. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I don’t have any travel regrets because I’ve never traveled. Living in New Zealand it’s not very cheap to go anywhere but Australia, because it’s so far away from the rest of the world!

    When my time comes though, I’ll keep your tips in mind – the main one which stood out for me was regretting not doing something because of money. Like you said, we can worry about money later! Thanks 🙂

  9. I totally agree with no.1. Worry about money when you’re home and have the time of your life while you’re travelling.

  10. These are all great things. I’m with you on not spending money on things I should have. Looking back, when I was in Paris I really should have gone to the top of the Eiffel tower- but decided the line was too long. I regret that one for sure! I think because I often try to stick to a budget, I miss out on some attractions I should have seen- so I am really working on this!

  11. Great post!! I’m going to Croatia this summer with my best friend, and the original plan was to rent a car and road-trip the Dalmatian Coast, but we just scrapped that plan in favor of taking buses (for financial reasons). I already feel a very looming sense of doom that the experience of driving up the coast, stopping where we want, in a car with the windows down, will absolutely beat a stinky bus puttering around and us stuck inside like inmates. So, thanks for this post, it really got me thinking! Maybe I should reverse that decision before it becomes a regret! 😉

  12. When I went on my first international trip I remember my mom telling me to do everything and not have any regrets. There were many things I thought about not doing because of the money but keeping in mind what she said I spent the extra money and did everything I wanted and I have not regretted it!

  13. I think when I was much younger I was so much more concerned about doing the responsible thing, meaning “saving money,” etc and pleasing my parents. I studied abroad in London for half a year and only went to two countries in order to “be responsible.” That’s my travel regret hahaha and I’ve spent the last few years making up for it. We all learn from our mistakes. Though number 2 has to be traveling with cheap luggage. Never again. I just bought the bullet and invested in some high quality Rimowa. Life changing.

  14. I’ve had many similar regrets while travelling–not doing this or that to save money or time. I think if you really want to do something, it’s important to spend the extra to do it. In a year, you won’t remember spending an extra $50 on the activity, but you will have the memories and satisfaction of having done it.

  15. I’ve made a few of these (and learned from them in the process). I’m trying to find the balance between saving money and saving time and energy. It’s hard. Great post!

  16. hmm…I don’t think I have any such regrets, because travel isn’t something I skimp on (I don’t fall in the luxury travel category but not in the budget one either). I agree about St. Pauls Cathedral which I visited on my 14th visit to London (on the first one my Dad said he didn’t want to pay in order to get in a church), but still I don’t give the equivalent (I think) amount to go up London Eye!

  17. This is an amazing post, such helpful tips! I’m planning on going travelling soon and am definitely going to save this post for the future!

    elise rose