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We’ve all had this right? When you’re on a long hike up to a temple, forest, abandoned hotel or just a Starbucks and your mind starts to wander, well here’s my brain vomit from my trip up Kotor Fortress Walls – a thigh-burning 1350 ‘steps’, or 4.5 km:

This is going to be fun and I CAN do this, regardless of what my sandals are saying (they’re crying).

kotorSpeaking of sandals – why I am wearing you? It’s like picking a spot: you can do it, but you really shouldn’t.


I am channelling Reese Witherspoon in Wild. I can do this.


Move on people, I don’t want your fanny pack in my shot. And c’mon front backpack wearers – you aren’t gonna get pickpocketed up here, put it on the right way. Hiking pickpockets probably deserve the money for the effort though.


Why are people hiking for fun? I guess pain is fun for them.

Come on, Tea. This is going to be worth it. Right? Right! Just give yourself personalised soundtrack like Rocky, that’s all he needed.


This IS amazing. Thank you my precious legs for providing me with this view. We really don’t thank our feet and legs enough. They’re going on my Christmas card list this year.

How can those perfect people pose so flawless after this walk while I’m feeling like a marathon runner who’s being seen to by a paramedic, cuddled in an emergency blanket?

kotorI get the fuss now. All is forgiven. What can I climb next?

Have you fallen for any new hobbies while travelling?

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  1. I really wanted to do this when I was in Kotor in August! We omly had 60 mins- how long did it take you ?

    1. I would say an hour if you are taking lots of photo and enjoying the view.

  2. Wat een prachtige foto’s en wat een helse klim. Het ziet er daar echt geweldig mooi uit!

  3. Haha! Definitely had those thoughts. And seriously who wears their backpack on the front while hiking. It sounds so impractical and uncomfortable.

    Beautiful photos and it looks like the view was worth it at the top! I’ve definitely fallen for hiking over the past few years. It’s amazing all the neat places you can get to only on foot!


  4. This is so funny yet so true! I swear when my mom decided doing the longer trail (I believe it was 11km) at Mont Tremblant a few Aprils ago (although keep in mind this is in Quebec’s Laurentides so hiking in higher altitudes feels like January there), my cousin and I were hesitant, but determined to do it. When I slipped on ice and nearly fell off the side of the mountain (it was towards the bottom, but who know what could’ve happened hadn’t there been a little fence to grab onto??), we started to worry. About two hours in, we lost the trail and cell service and started to panic, so we held on to a 3/4 empty gatorade bottle we found on our way just in case. We ended up walking up on the side of a black diamond ski slope then marching through thigh-deep snow in our cute little spring boots. Four and a little hours after our departure, with the fantastic views we saw along the way and the promise of poutine at the top of the mountain (there was a ski chalet, thank God!), we were glad we did it. I want to get lost (and find my way back) everywhere I go, because who wants a boring, totally planned-out experience? I want to learn to explore fearlessly!

    1. Phew … I am so happy this story had a happy end. But amen to getting lost and finding your way back.