Instant July

polaroids london

I skipped June because asolutely no photos were worth sharing here, but the two trips I went on in July meant I took more polaroids than ever.

croatia polaroids

I went to Croatia to catch up with my old pal Zagreb and dip my toe in the Plitvice Lakes (this is just a figure of speech though, as you’re not allowed swim here sadly).

polaroids bosnia

Then I retreated to Hometown Hill in Bosnia and I can’t think of anything that feels more home to me than these polaroids of the chickens and the cornfield.

polaroids london

The everchanging London skyline // My London polaroid bingo continues with Big Ben and the red bus, one day I’ll capture the Queen and Colin Firth on top of an open-top bus playing the Spice Girls driving past Big Ben and I’ll call it quits.

polaroids franceLiterally every inch of the Dordogne Valley was polaroid worthy, getting super shots was easier than catching a Pidgey or Ratata (see, I can do references that aren’t all 90’s films/tv shows!) .

Online I wrote about things I’ve seen and done in Zagreb, a post on the high and low lights of my visit to Plitvice Lakes, a diary from the first two days in the Dordogne Valley – part two is coming soon and my Bosnia/Croatia packing list tag. And I also shared some food hotspots not to miss in London, and if one post on that city wasn’t enough, one on the 5 best spots to savour an afternoon tea in the capital.

Have you photographed anything you want to shout about?

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