The Leaked WanderList: Awesome Things I’ve Already Seen & Done

bucketlistWhen it comes to wander – or bucket – lists, I tend to add things to it once I’ve completed something rather than crossing items off. Why try to force something when you really want that realisation that slaps you in the face when something needs to be on there? Before I start looking for face-bruising epiphanies, I want to look back and see if the experiences ticked the boxes in the happy part of my brain, rather than just ticking a box on a page/blog/screen.

A few months ago I laid my eye holes upon the Northern Lights in Iceland. Sadly, it wasn’t one of the most extraordinary, beautiful and magical things I’ve ever been lucky enough to witness. And that’s ok, because I kinda missed planning for it. It was a bit of a surprise as the forecast was low and I was out on another mission. It wasn’t particularly worthy of a screensaver (remember those?!), but it was enough to take my breath away. The first time I caught a glimpse of the Northern Lights a few years back in Finland they weren’t that bright and since me and my friends were intoxicated we weren’t sure if it was even them. Next time, more planning needed!

I would give it a 6/10, I mean, both times it wasn’t the most brilliant show of the, but I SAW IT.


I knew cliff diving was done around Dubrovnik, but had no idea you could leap off actually in the city – but when I spotted people falling into h2O I assembled all my courage and faced the unknown. It probably wasn’t the highest spot or world’s most thrilling cliff but it was one of my favourite me vs fear moments

A 7/10 for the falling into paradise experience.


Don’t you just love it when in TV-shows and film characters go on a super spontaneous road trip? It’s sadly not that common in the Netherlands – where you can drive through it in less than three hours, so it’s more of a ‘road blip” than trip. However there was this one friend who knocked on the door, said you have 5 minutes to pack drove us from south of Netherlands to Trier, Germany (where we met during a summer job). We didn’t book a place to sleep and ended up in a watching tower on a hill. Next day we drove to Paris (just because it was ‘near’ (still a 6 hours drive) and it’s still one of my favourite experiences. When I have no more content left to scrape out of my head, I’ll do an individual post on this.

This was a 8/10 and the closest I got to Kerouac spontaneity

I went to a recording of the Graham Norton Show! I am adding this one because Graham is a national treasure and you can visit the show when you visit London, it’s for free and I highly recommend it and yes, Graham is really what you see on TV – adorable, funny and now with a beard!

A 9/10 because I didn’t thing I would get in and had low expectations. Also … Channing Tatum.


You guys remember PEZ and those cute dispensers you used to leave around the house and your parents would step on and break and then you would cry as it was the end of the world? Ok, maybe that was just me, but these plastic joy sticks also have heads of everyone from Darth Vadar to Bugs Bunny and Hello Kitty and were one of my favourite things to rot my teeth on as a kid. More recently, my dreams were dispensed to me when I got to see their factory in Austria (it since now moved to Hungry) and got a tour. It’s now one of my favourite ice-breakers when meeting new people.

A big fat 10/10 and probably nothing can beat this EVER! (famous last words…).

What have you recently crossed off your wanderlist and how would you rate it?

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  1. Holy crap the Pez factory?!?!?!?! How have I never heard/ thought of visiting. So so cool! I think this is a very lovely idea; personally, I too often think and write about the things I want to see/do rather than all that I have already seen/done. Last year, I crossed off my goal of having a road trip to Flinders Ranges and hiking and it was a 10/10! My best experience in a while!

    Nat | Dignifiable

  2. I wanna go on a road trip so bad haha although I have the opposite problem after a few hours you’re in a different country with my your in the same state, sometimes the same city hahaha NO ESCAPE. I’d love to go on a classic America roadtrip!
    The Northern Lights are on my bucket list! One day I’ll see them *fingers crossed*

    Rai |

  3. I love the concept of this post…Did your bucket list items really make you happy or did you do them just to check them off. Well, even though the Northern Lights shows you witnessed weren’t the best ever, I’m still insanely jealous. I’m dying to go to Iceland!!! And cliff jumping in Croatia sounds pretty darn awesome too.

  4. I LOVE PEZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! So pretty much I’m overly jealous you actually went to the factory 🙂

  5. Haha going to a PEZ factory would be so cool! I was obsessed with PEZ as a kid. I mean, they still taste fantastic. 😉

    Road trips are always my one constant that’s the most fun. I feel like you’re never guaranteed to be disappointed. Especially with a coffee, a best friend, and some good music. Unless your car breaks down or something, that would suuuck.

  6. Dubrovnik cliff diving is amazing! So glad you conquered your fears 😉 I recently went to the Grand Canyon and it truly was spectacular- 10/10.