Three Things I Am Sick And Tired Of Reading on (Travel) Blogs

here is Eastern Bloc for you

‘The Eastern Bloc …”
So…the Eastern Bloc isn’t a country or anything, but a term used in the Cold-War to refer to the countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact. For an open-minded traveller that is pretty naive – these countries are more like distant cousins, each with their own charming characteristics and they should not scare you like a James Bond bad guy.

On Sunday I wandered along Brick Lane in Shoreditch”
Euhm no, Brick Lane is not a street in Shoreditch. Brick Lane is a street in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Shoreditch is a district in the London Borough of Hackney. According to my co worker (who is born and bred in Tower Hamlets) they don’t want to be associated. At all. They are both in the East End though.

”I checked and the dolphin (or any other animal) retirement volunteer project is legit, they protect and care mistreated dolphins and they only let people swim with them to support the project. ”
So, you realise these animals have been treated bad and are old and YOU still want to swim with them? Seriously? If the caretakers really cared about them and if that dolphin was really free he wouldn’t be swimming around with your fat ass – no matter how cool you are to hang out with. Buy them some fish instead.

So what are you sick and tired of reading? 

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  1. Sponsored or comped posts! a few is fine (who would turn down a freebie) but some bloggers don’t seem to do anything unless someone else has paid for it. I much prefer reading about things people have a) actually chosen to do and b) paid for out of their own pocket.

  2. ” if that dolphin was really free he wouldn’t be swimming around with your fat ass”. I was cracking up when I read that. Yes, just YES.

  3. Haha, the fat ass made me laugh. Although it is said that these days people still don’t understand it’s not done to ride elephants.

  4. I 100% agree with the last one. i get so upset about anything to do with animal welfare. It’s like circus shows etc where they claim that the animals are supposed to be ‘relieved from captivity’…oh because being made to perform doesn’t harm them AT ALL?! I don’t even agree with zoo’s sometimes!

    Emma x

  5. Hahaha, heeft onze discussie dit aangewakkerd? 😉 Goed dat je me wees op dat artikel hoor.

  6. The last one reminds me a bit of people who take selfies with tigers – those animals always look like they’re on benzos or something, it’s not right. I can’t stand clichés, selfie sticks (and any photo taken with a selfie stick), too many sponsored posts… Also, people who insist that real travelling = staying in hostels and socializing with other fellow travellers in a YOLO fashion. Can’t we enjoy it on our own? Are we not cool if we still need our personal space and privacy overseas? Oh well. Not to mention some people who actually are privileged/lucky enough to afford their travels yet tell the rest of the world to quit their jobs and go see the world. Sure I did that once but eventually I had to get another job ahah. Love your posts! ^^ xx

  7. I am an East Londoner and you’re so right about Brick Lane and Shireditch, yes there are near but they are two completely different places!

  8. I see someone already mentioned selfie sticks – YES! They took the number 1 spot in my list of travel pet peeves ever since they cropped up. Every time I see someone using one, whether it’s in London or abroad, I cringe – when exactly did the pleasure of taking photos and documenting travel turn into the mechanic act of holding a stick with a smartphone attached at the other end? So when it comes to travel blogs…more photos of the beautiful places, foods and adventures people have experienced and want to recommend to their readers, and less staged selfies taken with a fake smile that screams “I’m enjoying myself, watch and be jealous!”.

  9. I admit I am not a fan of the “what’s in my bag” blog posts that I tend to see popping up these days! Unless said blogger is an A-list celebrity, I would much rather see a post on packing tips or preferred travel products than the emptied contents of one’s purse!


  10. Love it! Especially the part about the Dolphins. Animals in captivity, it just doesn’t make sense. So thanks for sharing your honest opinion! X

  11. Amen! I don’t understand why people seriously even consider swimming with do[phins. I’ve seen the documentary ‘the cave’ and cried my eyes out when I saw how these animals are captured. Leave those poor animals alone! Speaking of which, please STOP taking rides on elephants, cuddling tigers and all those other things they make them do to pleasure tourists. I recently wrote an article about it and was surprised about the amount of people who don’t know about this abuse. Hopefully writing about these things helps!