The Packing List Tag: Bosnia/Croatia Edition

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I went on an 8 day trip to Bosnia and Croatia and this is what I crammed into my bag for my lil adventure.

Where: from London to Zagreb (3 days) and Plitvice Lakes (2 days) in Croatia and Hometown Hill in Bosnia (3 days)

Weather: hot hot hot and also humid, did I say hot already?

Travel clothing on the plane: my standard travel outfit is super comfy jeans, long sleeve top, Nikes.

What you actually packed:

Carry – on suitcase
1 pair of sandals, 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 1 dress, 7 short sleeve tops/t-shirts, 1 long sleeve, 1 cardigan, pyjamas, underwear and socks, the usual toiletries, adapter and converters, chargers and some presents

Polaroid camera, 8 packs of films, playing cards, a little bag with travel documents, passport, notebook, pen, 1 pair of sunglasses

Did you wear everything?
I ended up wearing everything, except one shirt that got lost in the pile.

Anything you wished you had brought along?
More socks! I always end up not having enough.

Anything you wished you had left?
No, for a change I had it all sorted, though I wish the polaroid camera had a ‘miniaturise’ button so it would fit in my trouser pocket – please invent this soon!

Did you buy anything while traveling?
Just chocolate. A lot of chocolate

Any advice for travellers going to Croatia/Bosnia?
Bring extra jumpers/long-sleeve tops, especially when you are near the seaside, as despite the glimmering waves and to-die-for sunsets, the temperature does drop in the evenings.

Not specifically for these countries, but bring along items of clothing that can be chucked in a washing machine and have no special care instructions. Don’t bring your favourite items, you don’t want that one top to be destroyed by the washing machine, sweat or sunscreen.

2 thoughts on “The Packing List Tag: Bosnia/Croatia Edition

  1. Megan

    you sound like me stocking up on chocolate when traveling 🙂 i think i can rate my favorites from all across the world as a result (and i never even used to be a sweets person!)


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