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What to really pack for Croatia – The Essentials For An 8 Days Trip

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I went on an 8 day trip to Bosnia and Croatia and this is what I crammed into my bag for my lil adventure.

Keep scrolling if you want to advice on what to pack yourself and other things you might need to know before heading to Bosnia and Croatia.

Where: from London to Zagreb (3 days) and Plitvice Lakes (2 days) in Croatia and Hometown Hill in Bosnia (3 days)

Weather in Croatia: hot hot hot and also humid, did I say hot already?

Travel clothing on the plane to Croatia:

my standard travel outfit is super comfy jeans, long sleeve top and Nikes.

What you actually packed for Croatia:

Carry – on suitcase
1 pair of sandals, 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 1 dress, 7 short sleeve tops/t-shirts, 1 long sleeve, 1 cardigan, pyjamas, underwear and socks, the usual toiletries, adapter and converters, chargers and some presents

Polaroid camera, 8 packs of films, playing cards, a little bag with travel documents, passport, notebook, pen, 1 pair of sunglasses

Did you wear everything?
I ended up wearing everything, except one shirt that got lost in the pile.

Anything you wished you had brought along?
More socks! I always end up not having enough.

Anything you wished you had left?
No, for a change I had it all sorted, though I wish the polaroid camera had a ‘miniaturise’ button so it would fit in my trouser pocket – please invent this soon!

Did you buy anything while traveling?
Just chocolate. A lot of chocolate

Any advice for travellers going to Croatia/Bosnia?

Bring extra jumpers/long-sleeve tops, especially when you are near the seaside, as despite the glimmering waves and to-die-for sunsets, the temperature does drop in the evenings.

Not specifically for these countries, but bring along items of clothing that can be chucked in a washing machine and have no special care instructions. Don’t bring your favourite items, you don’t want that one top to be destroyed by the washing machine, sweat or sunscreen.

Also keep some space in case you want to bring back some goodies and souveniers.

Anything else I should pack for my next Croatia trip?

Sunscreen – This is absolutely the most important thing to bring with you when going to Croatia / Bosnia in the middle of the summer.

A hat
– Not only comes in handy when you find yourself on a beach with no shade, but also great for day-to-day activities when you want to avoid sunburn and sunstroke.

A water bottle – You can drink the tap water in Croatia so feel free to refill your reusable bottle or the plastic one you bought at the airport.

Mosquito repellent – From experience, I can tell you that the mosquitos in Croatia and Bosnia looove new blood and I highly recommend bringing some and spraying yourself at night to avoid being bitten like crazy.

European adapter plug – If you come from overseas make sure to bring your European plug adapter!

A lightweight scarf –  I always bring a lightweight scarf to keep me warm on chilly summer nights, but also for use as a picnic blanket or makeshift headscarf (or to cover shoulders) when visiting churches or mosques.

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  1. you sound like me stocking up on chocolate when traveling 🙂 i think i can rate my favorites from all across the world as a result (and i never even used to be a sweets person!)