6 Countries I Want To Visit Based On Their Tourism Slogan

I saw a really bad slogan on a tourism board advert the other day, which led me down a Google blackhole of tourism slogans – and I must admit it wasn’t pretty, so many are a such a big let down! It was like back in the olden times when you would judge people based on their very deep and emo MSN Messenger quotes. However, it did inspire me to write a post on the slogans that would get me on the plane there pronto!

Albania • Go your own way!
Arrogant? Maybe! Confident? Hell yes! That pretty much sums up the Balkan attitude and I love that Albania is the country that makes full use of it. I’d love to explore Tirana, hike in the mountains and see the infamous bottomless deep blue spring.

Djibouti • Djibeauty
The sad thing about punny jokes is that they don’t always translate well, but can we all appreciate what Djibouti did here? It definitely attracted the attention of Lonely Planet who named it one of their top places to visit in 2018. It would be interesting to get my culture fix at their archaeological sites, test if I can speed up my mind and body with khat and venture to Moucha Island.

El Salvador • The 45 Minute Country
Honesty is always the best policy in my book and that’s why their slogan inspires me to load up my favourite booking site and buy a ticket to travel to the past in the Mayan temples, munch my way trough a plate of pupusa and catch some waves. Yeah, I have the feeling a visit to El Salvador may be short, but would definitely be sweet, plus it’s not always the length that matters eh?

Iran • You Are Invited
Whenever I read blogs about Iran I love how basically everyone meets someone who invites them into their home and meets the parents, grandparents and probably half of the neighbourhood. I would love to be part of this experience where people are proud to show off their culture and country. On top of that, I want to soak up ancient history at the Ruins of Persepolis, visit Shah Cheragh Mosque and sit down for many, many TEA sessions.

Lebanon • Live Love Lebanon
Mainly because it sounds like the title of a Gossip Girl book … think Blair and Serena somehow end up in Lebanon instead of Paris, now that’s a season I would love to see. However, I’d be more interested in checking out Beiteddine Palace, seeing the Jeita Grotto and scoffing all the mezze.

Uganda • You Are Welcome
So cheeky, but I love it. During my semester abroad I had a few people from Uganda in my classes and this fits them so well. I still have some invites lying around and I’d love to visit them and finally have that shot of Waragi, do some National Park hopping and see the locations that inspired Wakanda.

What’s your favourite country travel slogan?

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  1. I love the Djibouti one! That’s bloody good!

    My favourite ever tourism slogan wasn’t for a country, but rather a city. Glasgow, in Scotland, had a huge reputation for crime, poverty, dereliction etc, so when it won the opportunity to be that year’s City Of Culture (we’re going back to around 1990 ish), it was met with amusement across the country.

    But they made a damn fine job of it, and pretty much resurrected themselves. The slogan used by the tourist board was ‘Glasgow Smiles Better’, punning obvs on ‘Glasgow’s Miles Better’ but also giving the city a smiley, friendly face. Even today that slogan is still fondly recalled by many.