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So far I’ve written over 100 posts around London ranging from awesome things I’ve seen and done that you should do too to answers to some questions that might pop up but aren’t bothered to look up and this quiz where you can find out if you’re a real Londoner. Here’s a quick round-up of those posts you can’t afford to miss!

Flights to London can be relativity cheap, but hotels bite a massive chunk out of your budget. So it’s always nice to balance the pain by doing a few things on the cheap. And even for free. Ok, you do need an Oyster to get around but once that’s sorted there are enough free things to do in London and you can read here how to save £200 on your visit and still have fun. I think that last one is one of the best posts you’ll find here, TBH.

Sure, Borough and Camden Market are iconic and essential. But Broadway Market, Brixton and Maltby Street Market are some of my favourite places to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. You can stuff your face with all kinds of treats while at the same time relaxing and watching people go by. I’m actually lying … I haven’t been to Broadway or Maltby Street in the last 6 months, but now winter hibernation is over I’ll be putting on my comfiest shoes and venturing out into the world again.

You can read here about some of the hidden gems of Covent Garden, because yes, even in one of the most visited places in London there are new things to uncover. Though it can be busy in London, you can easily escape to places with fewer tourists. What about going to an underground jazz club in Peckham, having a bite at London’s second most fanciest Nando’s in Camberwell, playing a drunk game of Operation in Kentish Town and taking in architecture heaven in Bloomsbury. Or be brave, go to Zone 4 and visit an Art Deco house and remains of a medieval palace.

The Shard is my favourite place to see London from the top, but I understand it can be a bit expensive so ok … The Sky Garden IS soulless and nothing like the floating gardens of modern Babylon they wanted it to be, but is free and who really cares about ethics when it comes to saving a bit of your budget? What about the Eye, you might wonder? Well I’ve explained here why it’s not worth your money.

Have you ever wondered what an empty London feels like? Well I come close to it during a walk on Christmas morning and you can read about it here.

I have ideas for another 100 posts, but is there anything about London you’d like to know more about?

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