How to truly capture the view on your travels

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Have you ever returned home from a holiday, and the resulting photos just didn’t quite capture the magic of the moment as you’d have hoped? You see images on Instagram and blog posts that look like they are straight out of the travel magazines and wonder where you went wrong? You’re not alone.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or own thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment to pull off a beautiful shot. You just need to know the basics of your camera and keep a few simple rules in mind.

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Prepare – A spare battery and extra memory card should be a given. In the event you want to hop in the shot, a small and inexpensive tripod is a lifeline and will fit in any bag.

People make pictures – Whether you plan to have them in the shot or not! Having people in the picture not only conveys emotion, but doubles as a way of giving a sense of scale when capturing that perfect view.

Change your angle – Challenge yourself to gain a new perspective by getting down with the grass or up at the perfect vantage point. Most people shoot at face height which accounts for many less than impressive snaps.

Make use of the golden hour – Forget cheesy Instagram filters, the hour before sunset is well known for giving the simplest of surroundings a magical aura.

Fill the frame – Capturing the wonder of the Swiss Alps? The interesting parts of the scene should start at the left edge of the viewfinder and end at the right edge. The image should include as little surplus information as possible.

inntravel swiss 2

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On some occasions this is easier said than done and may require an equipment upgrade. No need to rush to the shops just yet. The slow holiday people, Inntravel have recently collaborated with The Travel Magazine to give their expert tips and also the chance to win a tasty high-end Panasonic Lumix Bridge camera worth £319.99. With a 60x optical zoom and super wide angle lens, you’ll be able to capture the view and bring it home with you, just go to the site to enter.

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  1. Some great tips. That is one thing that blogging has forced me to focus on more, taking better photos! I am loving not only having them to share but having much better ones just to look back on my memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is great – I always have an issue with capturing the perfect photo that does a destination justice. Sometimes I’m looking at something that is just so utterly beautiful, I snap a photo and look down and realize that I’ll never be able to capture it!

  3. I totally agree about the cheesy instagram filters. Using the perfect light of the day is much better. What I normally do is not look at my photos immediately, as they never capture how you see it. But look properly at them a few days later, when the real image has faded a bit, your photos will look so much better 🙂

  4. The first and last picture here is just stunning! That place is stunning.
    Reminds me I have to visit Switzerland too…
    As for capturing the views… I personally made a habit out of shooting thousands of photos, around more than 500 a day, sometimes even 1,000 a day(!). Then it’s I can simply select the best versions and delete the “ugly” shots.
    Still… it’s great taking the time and enjoying the moments without using the camera.