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Unmissable Spots to Visit While in Milan, Italy

The city of Milan is charming and a must-see while you’re in Italy. It’s a working city with significant Swiss influence, but also is authentically Italian. It is famous for a number of things, such as art and history, with fashion and shopping also being amongst the top draws for tourists. 

Famous shopping spots that are well known around the world are Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Quadrilatero della Moda, with their upscale and designer shops and incredible architecture creating the perfect site for shopping. The city is also home to some of the chicest and most prestigious jewelry stores, such as Pisa Orologeria (a very well-loved Milan jewelry store) where you can find watches and jewelry that you will love for years to come and can pass down to grandchildren. 

While in Milan, here are some of the unmissable spots to visit:  read more


Mexico City Travel Guide: Top 7 Places to Visit

Mexico City is a bustling metropolis with plenty of tourist attractions that you
won’t want to miss! The beautiful city has so much to offer, from world-class
museums to spectacular architecture, and it’s also home to Azteca Stadium, the
5th biggest football stadium in the world. When it comes time for your next
vacation, you should give this place a try! Here are the top seven places you
should visit in Mexico City and things to do there.

1. Juarez Neighborhood
Juarez is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Mexico City. It is known for
its nightlife, dining, and shopping options. The neighborhood is great for people
watching and roaming around. You can find plenty of cool bars to go to with
friends or check out the surrounding historical architecture, which dates back to
Mexican independence.

2. Mercado Roma
In the Roma neighborhood, you have to visit Mercado Roma. This is an excellent
place for food lovers as it has plenty of excellent places to try out. You can get a
wide range of international foods from Mexican cuisine, Italian, and even
Colombian! Whether you want to eat or shop around this beautiful marketplace
is worth checking out.

3. Templo Mayor Museum
The Templo Mayor Museum is a great place to learn about the Aztec culture. It is
located next to Mexico City’s main square and has been designed with excellent
modern architecture. In this museum, you can find monumental statues from
Aztec times by acclaimed Mexican sculptors. This is one of the best art museums
in all of Mexico!

4. Bosque de Chapultepec
Bosque de Chapultepec is the city’s largest public park. It’s a great place to be
alone or with friends and enjoy nature. The park has beautifully manicured
lawns, numerous trees and fountains, and plenty of space for picnics and
gatherings. If you’re looking to get away from the busy streets of Mexico City,
then this is the place to go!

5. La Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo Museum)
La Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo Museum) is the house that Frida Kahlo was born in.
This museum has been converted into a museum that holds some of her art
pieces and personal belongings. The museum also has murals done by Diego
Rivera, one of Mexico’s most famous muralists, who was married to Frida. This is
the place to be if you want to learn more about Mexican culture and art.

6. Floating Gardens of Xochimilco
Xochimilco is located south of Mexico City, and it’s a great place to experience
Mexico. There are numerous canals there that you can go through on boats
called “trajineras.” You can also eat at some great restaurants in Xochimilco,
where they serve traditional Mexican cuisine. It’s considered the Venice of
Mexico because people can get around by boat instead of a car.

7. Ancient Mesoamerican Pyramids of Teotihuacán.
Mexico City is built upon an ancient city called Teotihuacán. This place has
numerous pyramids and temples that still stand strong today. It’s a great
experience to see something like this up close and personal, as it gives me chills
whenever I think about the history behind the structures. If you’re into
architecture or history or just want to learn more about Mexican culture, this is a
nice place for a day trip.

Mexico City has a lot to offer! It’s one of the greatest cities in North America and
is an incredibly diverse place with plenty of things to do. These are just some of
the top 7 places that you should visit if you’re ever there, but there are
numerous other attractions that I didn’t mention too that you can check out as well.


Movies To Watch After You’ve Finished The Queen’s Gambit: Fifties Fashion In Film

Finished “The Queen’s Gambit” and want more 50s fashion? Here are seven movies that are that celebrate the fashion of the fifties.


The American musical chronicling the romance between Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny (John Travolta) is a classic in more ways than one. From the songs everyone knows to the Pink Ladies and T-Bird’s individual styles, this movie is a great depiction of high school life in the 50s. Sandy’s style evolves throughout the movie, as she starts out as a good girl in full skirts and pastel sweater sets and ends in the iconic all-black, tight leather outfit. The T-Bird’s show off their greaser style in leather bombers while the Pink Ladies rock their varsity-style pink jackets, cat eye glasses, and pencil skirts. It’s a very different 50’s style from what we see in Brooklyn, but it only goes to show the diversity of the time period.

This 1998 film stars Toby Maguire and Reese Witherspoon as twin siblings living in the 90s who get stuck inside the TV show Pleasantville, a black and white sitcom about an idyllic family living in the 50s. While the siblings try to maintain the storyline of the show and act as the characters would, their presence slowly starts to change the landscape of the town, making it colourful, modern, and riddled with social issues reflective of the time period. What is also mirrored well is the fashion of the time, as poignant in black and white as in colour. While the poodle skirts and letterman jackets make their usual appearance, what works even better are the adorned cardigans, gingham shirts, and retro hues.

Grace of Monaco
Nicole Kidman assumes the role of Grace Kelly in this biopic about her tumultuous marriage to Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth) during a time of political disputes between Rainier and France’s Charles de Gaulle. The elegance of the era and Grace Kelly’s social standing is displayed through chic suiting and exquisite gowns, meticulously handcrafted by costume designer Gigi Lepage. Grace Kelly’s silk head scarves with sunglasses show the reserved glamour of the time period in Monaco, and the fancy dresses illustrate her wealth and standing.

Far From Heaven
This film, set in 1957, tells the story of Cathy Whitaker (Julianne Moore), a doting housewife to a seemingly perfect family; healthy and happy kids, loving husband (Dennis Quaid), and strong social standing. However, when Cathy discovers her husband’s secret life, her own life begins to spin out of control and she struggles to regain a sense of normalcy. What does remain constant is Cathy’s classic sense of fashion. She truly captures that quintessential 50s American housewife look with her elegant scarves, full skirts, and chic sunglasses. The bright clothes, refined hairstyle, pastel cars, and style of housing all work together to recreate what life looked like in 1950s suburbia.

Gentleman Prefer Blondes
Both filmed and set in the 1950s, Gentleman Prefer Blondes stars style icon Marilyn Monroe. Adapted from the stage play, it features several musical numbers, including Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” One of the most memorable aspects of not only the song but the movie (and why it’s making this list) is the famous pink dress Marilyn Monroe wears during the song. The outfit is completed with matching long pink gloves almost to her shoulders, short blonde curls in a style typical for the time period, and plenty of diamonds. The outfit instantly became legendary, and after filming sold in auction for over $300,000.

Nowhere Boys
This biopic focuses on John Lennon’s teenage years, his turbulent relationship with his mother and aunt, and the discovery of his love for rock and roll. In a period where teenagers were angsty and misunderstood, Lennon turned to music and realised that rock and roll wasn’t just a genre, but a lifestyle. That lifestyle incorporated fashion as well. Lennon’s style had been suppressed by all-boys school uniforms, but once he discards those restraints, his true fashion sense develops. The slicked up hair and suits with attitude were essential to the Rockabilly look, and are part of what makes Lennon so iconic to this day.

Part of the film’s appeal, besides the incredible acting and riveting storyline, is the fashion and how true it stayed to the time. Eilis’s story is subtly reflected through the costumes chosen by Emmy-winning designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux, as there is an evident change in style that coincides with both Eilis’s move to America from Ireland and her evolving emotional state. As she begins to overcome her homesickness and become more confident in her new country, her outfits in turn become more vibrant and bold.


A Hiking Guide: England’s 5 Most Popular Beach Walk Locations

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us into another national lockdown, hiking has become the go-to hobby for many of us. Although walking isn’t everyone’s preferred choice of activity, 2021 has left us no other option but to make some compromises with how we spend our time.

With this said, there are different types of hikes you can go on depending on what scenery you prefer to be surrounded by. Since many of us had to cancel or delay our holiday abroad in the sun this year, venturing on a beach walk in the UK is the next best thing. Inn Collection have put together a list with England’s most popular beach walks and what’s so good about them.

1. Robin Hood’s Bay walk

Situated on the North Yorkshire coast Robin Hood’s Bay presents an abundance of gorgeous walks to enjoy. The Maw Wyke, a six-mile-long walk along the north of Robin Hood’s Bay, includes a variety of cliffs, jagged rock coastlines, and epic waves.

If you’re looking for a more thrilling walk to embark on, the north cliffs at Robin Hood’s Bay passes Ness Point – this being the most easterly point of England that has a fascinating history behind its lifeboat service that ran from 1881 to 1931.

2. Lulworth Cove walk

The Lulworth Cove and Fossil Forest’s 2.2 mile trail is ideal for the whole family. After embarking on a journey around the beautiful Cove, you’ll descend through the Fossil Forest – a place that contains many fascinating rock formations.

If you’re looking for a shorter walk to try, the Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door walk is a common favourite. Featuring a dramatic coastline, limestone cliffs, natural stone arches, and golden sand beaches, there is an overwhelming amount of scenery to see.

3. Severn Beach walk

Renowned for being one of the longest hiking trails in Britain, the Severn Way walk is ideal for keen hikers with a taste for beautiful landscapes and rural scenery. Stretching a lengthy 210 miles, the walk parallels the River Severn all the way from its source to the sea.

For an alternative 17-mile-long route around Severn Beach, the Jubilee Way stretches from Cotswolds to the River Severn. For those who seek adventure, this walking trail is ideal. From a stunning nature reserve to Woodwell Meadows and a breath-taking viewpoint at Aust Cliff, this trail entails something for all adventurers.

4. Druridge Bay walk

Druridge Bay, located on the coast of Northumberland, is the perfect easy stroll for both people and your dogs to enjoy. One popular route is the ‘figure of eight’ route. Incorporating the beach, the country park, and two lakes, Druridge Bay is the perfect easy morning stroll the whole family can enjoy.

5. Lindisfarne Walk

Bursting with a splendid array of all the picturesque views Lindisfarne has to offer, this small island- commonly referred to as ‘Holy Island’ is situated just off the Northumberland coast. One of the most popular walks is the Holy Island foreshore walk via Lindisfarne Priory. This small and moderate walk from Chare Ends Visitors Car Park to Holy Island includes shorelines, the beach, rocky footpaths, and splendid views all within its 1.5-mile circular trail.

As for more coastal treks Holy Island has to offer, the northern beaches and castle walk is the perfect way to discover more of the beaches Lindisfarne has to offer.


Brewing - Castles & Palaces

Scottish castles you can actually rent in real life

After my stay at Hever Castle I’ve been meaning to book another overnight stay at a castle. For a bit of inspiration, here’s 5 fairy-tale castles in real life you can rent with Scotts Castle Holidays.

Now I need the right occasion to rent out one for a weekend or maybe even a workstation.

Scottish Castles You Can Stay In

Blairquhan Castle, Ayrshire – Located in the beautiful Maybole countryside of South Ayrshire, Blairquhan castle is a Regency-era property with over 2000 acres of land. With a rich history spanning back hundreds of years, the Blairquhan Castle provides the perfect regal escape for large groups or families

Castles You Can Rent in Scotland

Thirlestane Castle, Roxburghshire – This striking 16th-century property is nestled in the peaceful  landscape of the Scottish borders. Boasting a total of 8 bedrooms split over 5 apartments, this historic castle is more than fit for royalty. Each apartment is individually and uniquely decorated to a 5-star  standard with views of the beautiful parkland estate.

Baronial Castle, Argyllshire – With an amazing 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, this picturesque white,  turreted castle on the West coast of Scotland could be your next luxury retreat. Built in the 18th century, it is elegant yet traditional, and offers an ideal location for weddings.

Fenton Tower, East Lothian – Fenton Tower offers unrivalled luxury accommodation in East Lothian.  Located just 20 miles from Edinburgh, the fortified 16th-century tower is the ideal private castle  holiday. Enjoy a family meal in the grand dining room, relax in one of the 7 regal bedrooms, and  enjoy the peaceful surroundings in this truly fairy-tale property.

Closeburn Castle, Dumfriesshire – If you’re looking for a place with history, look no further than the  14th-century Closeburn Castle; one of the oldest continually inhabited houses in Scotland. Not only is  the property itself steeped in history, but it’s located just 1km from the quaint village of Closeburn in  the historic county of Dumfriesshire – the perfect spot for a country escape.


Scotts Castle Holidays offer a range of locations  – from historically rich to sleek and modern, all of them perfect option for anyone seeking a UK retreat with a  twist.



7 Movies To Watch Before Visiting Ireland

Today we look how Ireland has been portrayed on the screen.

Brooklyn (2015)

Based on the award winning novel by Colm Tôibín, Brooklyn tells the story of Eilis (Saoirse Ronan), a young woman who uproots her life in Ireland and travels to Brooklyn to pursue new opportunities. Eilis finds love in her new life in the form of an Italian-American man called Tony, played by Emory Cohen. Due to an unforeseen family tragedy, Eilis is forced to return to Ireland where her past emerges and leaves her struggling to decide between her old and new life.

The Commitments (1991)

Alan Parker’s The Commitments follows the chaotic rise and fall of the Dublin Soul Band of which the film is named after.  Robert Arkins stars as Jimmy Rabbitte, an unemployed Dubliner who finds himself inspired to start his own band after becoming fed up with the local music scene. In the hopes of sounding like some of the great American soul musicians of the 1960s, Jimmy assembles a band. By recruiting former musician Joey “The Lips” Fagan and sheer dedication to the cause, Jimmy successfully puts together an ensemble that brings the soul scene in Dublin to life. Unfortunately, disputes occur, tensions rise, and members fall out reminding us that not all good things last forever.

The Quiet Man (1952)

Retired boxer Sean Thornton (John Wayne) decides to leave Pittsburgh and return to his hometown in Ireland as an attempt to escape his past. After purchasing his childhood home, Sean’s attention is captured by a beautiful local girl, Mary Kate Danaher. Instantaneously he falls in love and begins courting her. However, Mary Kate is little sister to the ill-tempered and jealous “Red” Will Danaher, making Sean’s plan increasingly difficult. The town locals and Mary Kate try to convince Sean to use his former talent to resolve his problems with Will, complicating his efforts to disregard a dark moment from his old life.

My Left Foot (1989)

Jim Sheridan tackled the true story of Christy Brown in his Academy recognised film My Left Foot. Daniel Day-Lewis famously plays Christy, an Irish boy plagued with severe cerebral palsy and the ability to only control the movement of his left foot. The majority of the community write him off as intellectually disabled but with the help of his dedicated mother, teacher, and his own self-determination Christy is able to prove himself and become a talented painter, author, and poet.  Day-Lewis spent months in a cerebral palsy clinic to research this role and was rewarded with an Oscar for his efforts.

PS I Love You (2007)

Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) loses her husband to a horrible illness just before her thirtieth birthday, leaving her broken and lost. Gerry (Gerald Butler), the aforementioned love of Holly’s life, anticipated that his death would have an unwelcomed effect on his widowed spouse and planned ahead. Beginning on her 30th birthday, Holly receives a series of letters written by Gerry in an attempt to help her move on, all ending with the words, “PS. I love you.” Despite those closest to her thinking the letters are holding her to her past, with Gerry’s guidance Holly goes on a journey of rediscovery in this touching story of love and friendship.

Once (2007)

Set in the streets of Dublin, this incredibly original musical from John Carney depicts the power of music through a street musician (Glen Hansard) and his relationship with a Czech immigrant (Marketa Irglova). Together the pair uses music to fight their problems, work through the past, and find new love. Their songs portray the emotions they feel in a beautiful and romantic manner which happened to land the actors an Oscar award in 2007.

The Field (1990)

The Field is a classic tale of the struggle between old and new. Taking place in rural Ireland, Bull McCabe (Richard Harris) is a farmer with a passionate love for his land. However, when an American outside declares he wants to purchase the land to build a highway, it becomes worryingly likely that Bull will lose his field. Unwilling to go down without a fight, Bull will do anything in his power to prevent getting rid of his land. Jim Sheridan’s unforgettable film is a true testament to how far one would go for something they love and a poignant battle between the past and the future.