Unmissable Spots to Visit While in Milan, Italy

The city of Milan is charming and a must-see while you’re in Italy. It’s a working city with significant Swiss influence, but also is authentically Italian. It is famous for a number of things, such as art and history, with fashion and shopping also being amongst the top draws for tourists. 

Famous shopping spots that are well known around the world are Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Quadrilatero della Moda, with their upscale and designer shops and incredible architecture creating the perfect site for shopping. The city is also home to some of the chicest and most prestigious jewelry stores, such as Pisa Orologeria (a very well-loved Milan jewelry store) where you can find watches and jewelry that you will love for years to come and can pass down to grandchildren. 

While in Milan, here are some of the unmissable spots to visit: 

The Duomo is the most popular site in Milan, being a statement site in the main piazza. The Gothic cathedral is worth taking the time to appreciate the architecture of as well as visiting inside (just 17 euros!). Made of pink Candoglia marble, when you are shopping around and enjoying the beauty of the rest of Milan, there is nothing like getting to step outside and seeing the beautiful Duomo. 

Sforza Castle
As one of the largest citadels, Sforza Castle is a must see while you are in Milan. You can walk through the grounds and appreciate the architecture for free, and if you have time and want to see the art and more throughout, there is just a fee of 10 euros. 

The Isola
The Isola is a neighborhood in Milan that you probably wouldn’t expect being there unless you knew about it. With modern skyscrapers and architecture, it is rather different than the rest of Milan and if you want a different experience and to visit some trendy spots, this is definitely a place to spend some time in.

Naviglio Grande Canal
The Naviglio Grande Canal is a trendy spot in Milan filled with restaurants and bars along the canal. If you want a night out or a dinner with some fun energy, this is the place to go. It’s not too far from central Milan and you can pop around to different spots for a unique experience. Just be sure to book a table if you want to eat outside! 

Pinacoteca di Brera
For all art-lovers, and even for all visiting who want to really appreciate all that Milan has to offer, spend some time appreciating Italian art at Pinacoteca di Brera.

Sempione Park
When you want to relax for a bit in some nature, head to Sempione Park. It is the biggest park in Milan, and a great spot where you can picnic and relax.

While the sites are always important for a trip, while in Italy especially, so is the food! For a true Milanese experience, stop at Luini for panzerotti, Miscusi for classic pasta dishes, and be sure to try specialties such as polenta, risotto alla Milanese, and ossobuco

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