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14 (Almost) Free Things To Do In New York

20th June 2015

new york tip

I was sent an e-mail from a lovely reader who wanted to know if I was planning on doing an (almost) free things to do in New York as she and her friend are heading there on tight budgets and want to do some free/very affordable things out . Now, I haven’t been to New York City (I chose to visit Omaha, Nebraska instead) but my lovely friend Adam (you might know him from this post) spent some time in the city when he had a beau over there and was happy to share a few insider tips. continue reading

Yes No Maybe: What (Not) To Do In Zagreb

16th June 2015

Zagreb tips

Zagreb is a city of attitude, historic in places and modern in others. Zagreb is pretty compact, so you can see most of it in one-two days, it also makes a good base if you want to take day trips further afield. The Croatian capital is relatively close to my home town in Bosnia so when I fly there I like to stay a few days too.  Since the city also seems to be a popular Interrail stop I though I would share a few tips on what (not) to do. continue reading