Food From Around the World That I Miss

You might have noticed I do like some food. I have had the luck more like fucking hard work that is – to live in a few countries for a longer period of time and every country has left its impressions on my tastebuds – so today I am mentioning the things I dearly miss.


I am used to not having most Dutch things, but Calve peanut butter is something I miss almost everyday. You know those days as a student just before payday where you have nothing but peanut butter for breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner? Well it was no pain with Calve. It’s so rich and the aroma is something else. I used to mention that I missed Dutch cheese a lot, but it became tiring so I stopped that.

I don’t miss that much from Germany to be honest. Probably the kebabs? Not a big fan of the schnitzels and sausages, but I must say the rye bread was nice, especially topped off with Nutella (apparently the chocolate spread for World Cup winners). But pretzels filled with butter is what I miss the most. When I used to work on Sundays my colleague would bring in a butter pretzel and we would share it before opening up. It was a true (salted bread wrapped in fat) joy.


I can do without kangaroo meat, Vegemite and meat pies. But Australian pavlova pie or Tim Tams weren’t too bad. Apparently Tim Tams are a rip off of Penguin biscuits from the UK – which sadly aren’t shaped like penguins, but have a penguin on the wrapper as well as a really bad joke.

Bosnian food is something I often miss, I can make a few dishes, but it always lacks that something special – so I really enjoy it to the fullest when I’m back there. Pita, Bosnian’s very own comfort food, is a filo dough filled with meat, potatoes, various vegetables or cheese that you usually top off with yoghurt. My favourite varieties are the one with potatoes, spinach and meat and pumpkin … so pretty much all of them. If you are in the Balkans and would like to try pita – and you should, you can get them at bakeries rather than at a restaurant. Cockta is Yugoslavian (though now it’s politicly correct to say it’s Slovenian) Coca Cola rip off and it smells and tastes like a mix of cough syrup and Martini. You find the name funny? Well get this – one of their slogans is ”You Never Forget Your First”…

I’ve tried Finnish dishes here and there during my time in Jyväskylä and the spinach pancakes were the things on my plate that stood out the most. I tried to make them myself, but failed so now I just put spinach on top of a pancake. And there is Leipäjuusto Finnish squeaky bread cheese, with a halloumi like structure,  that my host served with jam.

Writing this makes me realise how much I actually love Austrian food. But my favourite has to be Käsespätzle: noodles smothered in cheese with caramelised onions on top, it’s pretty much the Austrian take on Mac & Cheese. Or Kaiserschmarrn, a light fluffy shredded pancake covered with powdered sugar and eaten with (homemade) apple sauce. I have to stop torturing myself so I am going to have to stop here before my stomach starts to cry. For my Innsbruck trip

What food do YOU miss from abroad?

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  1. Vegemite is disgusting! And unfortunately I think the same about peanut butter ever since I puked it all out one morning. Pity. I looove sausages (think the likes of Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic) and any soup inside a bowl of bread (Slovakia) with a lot of cheeeese in it. Also love schnitzels, kebabs, pretzels… and ANYTHING Italian really. xx

  2. How delicious! At the moment I’m actually missing the Argentinean Dulce de Leche – a dessert dish I didn’t really like when I was there. You know, the kind of thing you eat because… well, there isn’t really anything else to eat. But back home I seem to be craving it ALL THE BLOODY TIME. So weird. But so immensely good.

  3. Whenever I stay at my auntie’s in Madrid, or come back from Spain, I almost immediately crave churros and chocolate! We once went to Segovia and had the most incredible suckling pig and roast pork at home just does not compare! I miss the whole tapas thing too… padron peppers, albondigas, proper calamari! Too much to mention. xx

  4. When did you stayed at JKL? I love the brown dry breads and the riisipirakka! And fisu and salmikki, on while we are on it the red lonkero as well

  5. Everything looks so yummy!! I specially miss the peanut butter although I had it for the first time in America. I also miss german bread from the bakery… Imitated all over the world lol but really difficult to duplicate the real taste. Tks for the post.