My 23 For 2023 Update

As we’ve nearly arrived at the halfway point of 2023, it’s a great time for an update on the 23 things I vowed to do this year.

First, I’m on a mission to have 12 digital detox weekends this year. Four down, nine to go, and boy do they give me life! It’s like hitting the refresh button on my soul. I’m pretty sure I can conquer the remaining weekends with ease.

Next, we have the January Yoga with Adrienne challenge. This one is a personal favorite of hers, and starting off the year with Adrienne and her trusty sidekick Benji always sets the right tone. Namaste, indeed!

On to decluttering 2023 things… okay, so maybe I’m not quite there yet, but who’s counting? The important thing is that I’m making progress, and I have no doubt I’ll get there eventually.

I also pledged to have two low-spend months this year. I completed one in January, but due to unexpected travels, I’ll have to up my game in June or September to balance my accounts.

On the bright side, I’ve been growing some gorgeous flowers, and while they’re just seedlings right now, I have no doubt they’ll be all growed up and in full bloom by the time I write my next update.

Moving on to my London and UK bucket list items for 2023, I already checked off the Museum of Docklands, but I’ve also explored some super cool things that weren’t even on my list, like a Harry Potter afternoon tea, and discovering new art at The Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House. And don’t even get me started on the London bakeries I’ve worked my way through like Fortitude… drool!

My Japan bucket list items are finally coming to fruition! I’m headed there later this month, and I’ve already booked a ticket to Ghibli Park and a capsule hostel. I mean, does it get any cooler than that?

Oh, and let’s not forget my blog goals for 2023. The blog theme I had my eye on is finally live, and I’m on track to publish 52 posts this year. Let’s get this done!

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