Horizon 22 At 22 Bishopsgate: Free London Viewing Platform

The Summer of 2023 welcomed 22 Horizon, the 5th public viewing platform providing panoramic views of the City and Square Mile. Perched on the 58th floor, Horizon now claims the title of the highest free attraction of its kind in the city, surpassing stalwarts like the nearby Sky Garden (35th floor), The Lookout (50th floor), the Garden at 120 (15th floor) and the Monument (the OG viewing platform). It’s even taller than the Shard (72nd floor) across the river.

Booking Horizon 22 Tickets Ahead of Time

Several tickets are released each day at 10 am on their website. Make sure to keep an eye out and book ahead of time to avoid disappointment. 

Walk In Tickets For Horizon 22

If you miss out on advanced online tickets, you can check if they have any walk-in tickets on the day. You’ll find a screen near the entrance with an overview of available tickets on the day and the next 2/3 days. Just scan the QR code and book away!

How To Get To Horizon 22 Entrance

While I was in the queue, I overheard confusion about getting to the correct entrance to 22 Horizon as there are two entrances to the actual building. For the viewing platform, you should follow the arrows to the South entrance.

Once you get there, show your ticket to the staff outside, go through the revolving doors to join another queue, and wait for your ticket QR Code to get scanned.

From there, you go up escalators, through the airport-style security check, and then to the speedy fire proofed elevator that takes you to the 58th floor at 8 metres per second for the highest free view over London.

What To Expect From The Free Views At 22 Horizon?

On a clear day, sights stretch as far as Alexandra Palace, Wembley Stadium and Crystal Palace transmitting station. That said, London’s temperamental weather means clouds can limit long-distance visibility.

St Paul’s Cathedral, The Old Bailey, Barbican and a lot of rooftops.

Gaze down on The Gherkin, Sky Garden, Tower Bridge, Tower of London

You can also see the Shard in its full glory. In case you’re wondering which one is higher: Horizon 22 is only 10 meters taller than the Shard. 

The mezzanine platform near the exit has the best views of the southeast.

Why Choose It Over Skygarden or the Lookout?

If you want to see further out then Horizon is for you, but if you’re a tourist I can imagine you won’t be interested in spotting your area in South London, so you’ll be happy with seeing all the famous attractions like Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and St Paul’s.

I honestly prefer the Lookout as I could see into the actual buildings around me instead of just the roof, it’s more immersive. They are both free so if it’s a matter of ticket availability go for the Lookout (next door to the Horizon 22). Sky Garden is an option if you want to see the East side of London, but apart from that it’s not interesting at all at this point.

What Else Do You Need To Know Before Going To Horizon 22?

Horizon 22 is located at 22 Bishopsgate near Monument, Bank, Liverpool Street and Aldgate tube/train stations.

There is a cafe on the viewing platform level where you can get coffee, light snacks and water.

Opening times vary:
Monday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00
Saturday 10.00 – 17.00
Sunday 10.00 – 16.00

Photography can be difficult because of the reflection on the windows or raindrops or moisture from clouds.

There are (accessible) toilets in the foyer and on the 58th floor. 

There is NO luggage storage and you CANNOT bring luggage that is larger than L 58cm x W 45cm x D 25cm inside.

Restaurants Near 22 Horizon

Fuel up before or after at one of the many nearby eats. Some of my favourites are:

  • Paradiso Green for All Day Brunch.
  • Blank Street Coffee for coffee/matcha and a snack.
  • Burgers at Patty and Bun.
  • Italian Foodcourt style restaurants at Eataly.
  • Various food stalls at both Spitalfields Market and London Borough Market.

And now we wait, like a passenger at a bus stop, eagerly anticipating the next tallest viewing platform to arrive.

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