Things That Just Make Sense In Japan

as seen in japanIn the previous As Seen In I told you all about unusual and typical things I encountered in Finland, Bosnia and the Netherlands. Japan had so many I don’t know where to begin, so let’s start with the first one.

as seen in japanDo you remember the Friends episode where Joey makes an ad for lipstick for men? I always thought it was a joke that celebrities did these weird advertisements in Japan, until I ran into this facial fitness device recommended by Ronaldo. Go laugh at the video too.

as seen in japanNo, this is not a torture device or 50 Shades of Grey merchandise, these masks are supposed to give you a more narrow face.

as seen in japanThere are a ton of weird ice cream flavours – you name it it’s here – Mustard, spinach and pineapple anyone?

as seen in japanMy favourite was a bit less extreme – sakura (cherry blossom); however, the chestnut one was a miss.

as seen in japanAt check out they don’t take money from your or give you money directly, but put it on a special tray first. Even if you hand them the money directly they will first put it on the tray and then take it. For the first few times I just thought they didn’t trust my dirty paws!

as seen in japan
Baby’s first chopsticks. I think we need these for some adults in the West! (I admit I’m not the greatest chopstick wielder).

as seen in japanIs it to prevent snoring? Is it against talking in your sleep? Or maybe both? I do not know! But it looked so cute that I almost wanted to take it with me.

as seen in japan
Some trains have female carriages during rush hour. Not because they are thoughtful but because of too many groping hands during rush hour. Talking about trains … another thing I noticed was that the people there have the amazing ability to fall asleep on trains, in any kind of pose.

as seen in japanI think parents must love this one: a baby chair in almost every toilet. It made me wonder how parents do it over here?

as seen in japanUmbrellas are everywhere. You find these umbrella disposable bag dispensers at almost every entrance. No more walking around a store with a wet umbrella or forgetting your umbrella because you placed it in a holder and forgot it on your way out.

What is the weirdest or most unusual thing you’ve experienced in another country or culture?

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  1. Hello from Japan!
    About the “mustard, spinach and pineapple” ice cream, it’s a misunderstanding.! “Komatsuna” is a leafy green veggie, like spinach. The English name is mustard spinach but it’s not “mustard-y” at all. Think of it like kale, you can toss it in a smooth too. I’m sure it’s good. Next time, give it a try!

  2. I love this so much! I was recently editing a batch of photos from our time in Tokyo and I have so many shots of the oddities the city has scattered around!

  3. As sad as it is that it has to come to that, I think the women only carriage is a really good idea. Now I’ve started taking the tube in London every day for uni, there’s been a few situations where I would have preferred to not feel so ‘vulnerable’ on a mixed sex carriage.

    Aside from that, there’s so many weird and wonderful things! That gelato though… oh no.