5 cities I wouldn’t mind visiting again

Some people think it’s ok to visit a place twice or even three times and others believe doing so is the first steps on a path to hell. I believe the former and am here today to talk about some cities I would love to dip my toes into for a second time.

In case you ever wonder if five days isn’t too much to spend in Tokyo, then I can tell you it’s not! Five weeks probably isn’t either. So I have to go back visit the 50 neighbourhoods and do the 1000 things on my list I missed last time. I mean how did I go to Tokyo and not do karaoke? For shame Tea, for shame.

This one time when I was young and could pull an all-nighter I flew back from Stockholm to Holland via Oslo, mainly because the ticket was just €2.99. We arrived at the one of the regional airports at 8 PM and our next flight to NL was from another regional airport at 7 AM. This was on 1st January and there were no hotels within our budget left so we had to walk around Oslo in the night as long as possible before crashing at the busstation. So I would love to go back and see it in glorious day light.

The six months I spent Melbourne had more drama in it than your average soap opera, but I still love the city and would love to go back for a walk down memory lane. I’ve think I’ve seen every corner of the city and most people I hung out with have left so I can’t really justify going back, but if I ever fly to New Zealand I want to make Melbourne my stopover so I can walk around Queen Victoria Market, have a drink at Ponyfish Island and a scoff some chicken salt fries on St Kilda beach.

Ljubljana used to be the last big stop on our family drives from Holland to Bosnia. This was after 12 hours in the car – pre free roaming in Europe – and there was never really time to go out to the city and explore, we would go to family or friends for a coffee before the last 250 km to home. I’ve spend one day in the city itself during my backpack-trip though the Balkans and it just did not live up to the other capitals of the former Yugoslavia, don’t get me wrong … Slovenia is gorgeous, but Ljubljana is just so tame. When I mention this to people they claim I am truly mistaken and that it’s the best one, so I need to go back and explore what I missed out on to prove myself wrong.

I’ve been to Stockholm twice, both times in winter where I spend most of the time cursing myself for not wearing the right shoes and slowly gliding through Gamla Stan on ice. I have made a promise to myself that I will go back in summer/spring and run around to ABBA’s Summer Night City. I guess I could combine it with Oslo for a Scandi trip sandwich.

What’s on your list of places you have to revisit?

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  1. For me it’s always Ireland, I’ve been there so many times and to different cities but I love it there! Your time in Oslo sounds like my nightmare haha. Would love to go to Tokyo though!

  2. I’m desperate to visit Stockholm. Hopefully next year. I totally agree about Tokyo. It is so dense it takes forever to explore.

  3. Stockholm staat ook bizar hoog op mijn ‘visit again’ lijstje. Ik ben daar bijna 10 jaar geleden een weekend geweest maar zou nu veel meer waarde hechten aan andere dingen die ik toen gemist heb.

  4. There are akways those few places that capture your heart and make you want to go back again and again.