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Oh hi! It’s that time again… that time I share what’s going on Elsewhere.

Long before there were travel bloggers there was Linnaeus Tripe – to some he is known for his photographs of India and Burma which he took in the 1850s. Now that’s one hell of a #TBT right? This summer The Victoria and Albert Museum (or V&A as everyone likes to call it) presents an exhibition with over 60 stunning images of this images showcasing the landscape and exquisite architecture of India and Burma. I know most people will be heading to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A, so while you’re there make sure to also check it out before 11th October. Oh, and unlike the McQueen exhibit, it’s free.

This week I came across this really charmingly sweet post where travelbloggers share what home means to them. Now I’ve called different places my home over the years, and to me it always will be the place that is a lovely place to travel to but never a place to stay.

All these packing list blogger posts are great, but what I really really miss was an interactive one that tells you how much you need for the type of trip and x amount of days you are going, and also calculates how much the whole thing will weight. The folks at New Look have listened to our prayers and created the Holiday Helper, a new tool that will help us get everything out of packing and make sure we include the fashion essentials we. I’ve been playing with it all afternoon. It probably doesn’t make up for their use of sweatshops though.

On the other hand: trying to pack your whole life in a suitcase for an year study abroad or an internship is a whole different story. Don’t bring too much from home, but you should take in account that some things are necessary. Marie wrote a post on it and you should give it a read if you are flying the nest anytime soon.

The Shard, which already looks down on everything, decided to give Sky Garden a big f*** you and officially opened London’s highest summer garden space on the level 72 – which is 800ft or 244m above London. The sky deck at the top of Western Europe’s tallest building has been transformed with over 2,000 plants and flowers to celebrate the Great British Summertime (which is kind of a mythical things as UK doesn’t really do summer). Maybe it can get the Sky Garden to raise it’s game, as I found it rather lacklustre when I last paid it a visit.


What’s home for you?

Photo – Linnaeus Tripe, Trichinopoly, Rock from the East, January or April, 1858. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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  1. Hey! Thanks for including my post about what home means to me and other travel bloggers 🙂

  2. Thank you soo much for linking my post!!! <3

    And thanks for the tip on the Linnaeus Tripe exhibition! If I make it to London before October I will definitely head over to see it 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend!