First World Traveller Problems


Travellers will know.

Having to renew your passport and getting the old one back with holes through your beloved stamps. It’s like they stabbed my nostalgic memories to death with a hole punch

Having to walk 10 minutes to find a Starbucks (who am I kidding – replace Starbucks with ‘Free Wi-Fi’)

Not being able to enjoy the pretty much any famous tourist site because of all of the tourists (of course, I don’t count as a tourist – I’m a special snowflake)

Creased clothes while backpacking. Why Zara? Why?

Or clothes that just won’t dry because the climate is too damn moist

Sun reflection on your tablet or phone

Whenever you take money from the ATM and know it’s going to cost you money

Ordering too much food, just because it’s so cheap – screw healthy living!

Selfie stick (needs no words)

Know it all travellers

Finishing packing and then finding out you forgot that ONE annoyingly shaped thing

Getting composition ready for that one perfect shot and then having a crowd walk by and stand there

” We’ve got Wi-Fi!” 30 minutes later you still haven’t downloaded the 20mb file

At least it’s better than no Wi-Fi at all

Or staying at a hotel and having to pay €20 for slow internet

Going through customs and not getting that damn stamp. Come on you booth guys – where’s the love!?

When you’ve met a group of people and everyone starts adding each other on social media and you are obliged to add to that one person you don’t really like

Please don’t let it me the top bunk, please,please,please. Every time someone is entering the hostel dorm

Tablet/phone battery is about to die but you have three hours of travelling time left – I might have to think or talk!!

Arriving in a really expensive country after feeling like a millionaire in a cheap location. No more making it rain!

Having people from your country in a tour/hostel and feeling a tiny bit less special

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  1. This is way too accurate!! Funny, how the last one is actually true as well.
    Although I haven’t jumped on the selfie stick bandwagon yet… yet…


  2. Feeling like a millionaire is me every time I stray outside of Paris. In the German drugstore, I was buying shampoo for ten years. In Amsterdam, I went to restaurants 4 times a day. No shame!

    And yes, I don’t count as a tourist at all! I;D

  3. Hehe guilty of almost all of these… especially the TOO MANY TOURISTS IN TOURISTY PLACES!! Three days til I’m off to Barcelona and everybody better back off the Dali Museum and La Sagrada Familia!
    Hilariously accurate and lovely post as always, Tea!
    Marianne 🙂

  4. haha this is the best “Arriving in a really expensive country after feeling like a millionaire in a cheap location. No more making it rain!”

    I always feel like this going from shanghai (where I live) to singapore or hong kong!

  5. That was extremely accurate. I hate when my clothes are wrinkly and start getting that musty suitcase smell. Nothing drives me more insane. The only thing I hate almost as much are selfie sticks. i cannot tell you how many times I’ve been whacked by one of those!

  6. I agree about renewing the passport and getting the old one back with holes. I had mine renewed not too long ago and the holes on the old one looks hideous. I keep wondering what I’m suppose to do with it now :/