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The Things They Don’t Tell You About Moving Abroad

expat study abroad meme

Nobody really cares about your adventures. They will like the first three FB posts and then it’s just old news. Your mom and aunt will continue to like every photo and update though.

And the lives of others goes on without you … you are not part of your friends’ daily/weekly life anymore, birthdays are celebrated without you, you are not in the nights out photos, your friends are going to eat your favourite food at your favorite place, your best friend breaks up and you are too far away to support her.

You have to give your holiday planning and budget extra attention. It comes to down deciding between flying to see your family or going on that cool foreign city break?

One can collect a.LOT.of.stuff during a stay abroad. The big question is: do you really have space for that beer glass you stole on that awesome night out?

The plan you made on going to do sightseeing/touristy things every weekend? Not going to last. Mainly because of …

… the money you thought was going to be enough to get you through those six months turns out to be enough for three if you’re lucky.

Most food just isn’t the same, despite many assurances it will be.

You grow. Up, but also apart. At some point you have to accept you can’t relate to certain friends anymore.

Those who shout ” I’ll visit you!” the loudest don’t come at all. And others just come because the can crash at your place for free.

Making friends as an adult is harder. Don’t you sometimes wish you were eight and could make friends by just saying: ” I like your dress! Let’s be friends.” Apparently this is frowned upon above the age of 12.

Sometimes you think you know the language like the back of your hand, but then realise you probably need your cheat notes written on the back of your hand.

It’s not an Eat Pray Love experience, but more of an Eat, Cry and Skype your mom.

Moving from country to country can get addictive. A six month internship can easily turn out in eight years of country hopping.

It gets harder to pack your life in a suitcase, despite your feeble attempts to buy a bigger suitcase that still counts as hand luggage.

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Istanbul Impressions: Four Things To Do In Istanbul

Four Things To Do In Istanbul

Lokanta Helvetica
For authentic and affordable food go to Helvetica. Here you’ll have a choice of around 20 options, to pile on your plate – 5 selections should be enough for one person. You will find this hidden gem in a side street off the famed shopping street Istiklal Caddesi. Vegetarian friendly.

The Galata Tower
You know that signature picture postcard shot of Istanbul? It was most likely taken here, at the Galata Tower.

Sunset in Asia
Reachable by ferry or a bus over the Bosphorus Bridge, the Asian half of city is an often overlooked part of Istanbul. Make sure to see the sunset from one of the lounge bars near the shore.

Taste the street food
Sample one of the city’s many street stalls, selling roasted chestnuts, roasted corn, simit pretzels and lahmacun. Refresh your palette with a Turkish tea or a cup of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.



Boutique Hotel the Exchange, Amsterdam: 10 Favorite Rooms

Hotel The Exchange is a boutique design hotel in central Amsterdam. The hotel combines fashion and architecture in unique rooms ranging from one to five stars. The rooms of hotel the Exchange are ‘dressed’ by fashion designer students from the Amsterdam Fashion institute who gave each of the 61 rooms their own character.

01 Frontside Hotel - photo credits to Mirjam Bleeker

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Rabbiting on in Chelsea


This autumn, the team behind the acclaimed Notting Hill restaurant, The Shed will launch a new restaurant in the heart of stylish Chelsea. Brought to London by talented brothers, Richard, Oliver and Gregory Gladwin, Rabbit will be a true celebration of British ‘wild food’ with an emphasis on sustainability and nose-to-tail cooking.

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airport or airplane annoyances

airplane airport annoyances irritations

People who don’t have their passport and/or ticket reading while waiting and causing congestion when it’s their turn to go through

Those people who complain about everything and everyone

People who cause a line at the security check because they forgot to pack their liquids bag

Those who go through the security check and accidentally leave a water bottle in their bag – even worse – when you’re THAT person

Overpriced food and drinks

When you want to buy the smallest item in the shop, like a pack of gum, and have to show your ticket

People who don’t know how the trolleys work

Crying children next to you on the plane – I understand it’s a strange situation for them, lots of people, pressure on the ears, etc. But yeah, that doesn’t stop it being annoying

Not enough seating areas at airports…

And when you eventually find some, you’re faced with horrible and uncomfortable chairs that even the most chilled out person would find it hard to relax on

Parking at airports

When one of the headphones doesn’t work – if it wasn’t difficult enough to enjoy the latest Michael Bay offering, you’re doing it in mono.

Hardly any outlets in the airport, especially when you’ve gone through security and are essentially their retail prisoner until boarding time.

Stag / Bachelor parties – normally drunk before they’ve even boarded the plane, or possibly even before they even got up that day.

People who push their chair back. All the way

The infuriatingly long wait to get on and off the plane – and the subsequent squeezing off in a battle of “who goes first”

Am I forgetting anything?