Why I Am The Worst Travel Buddy

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When it comes to picking your travel buddies you should not pick me, and here is why:

I love food and trying new places other bloggers or Instagrammers recommended and I will probably drag you to the other side of the city in rain/snow/winds and make you queue for an hour so I can have my food. I will probably make you wait even longer because I have to take photos of everything.

I am true photo taker and will take snaps of most random things I come across, this means I will hold you or the group up or lose you because I am busy taking photos of something shiny that caught my eye.

I am a morning and evening person and will usually walk around cheerfully, but once in a while when I am tired, hungry or thirsty I can look a bit grumpy (but it’s just my resting bitch face) and if you don’t know me too well you might start to wonder what you’ve done wrong. Don’t worry! It’s just me.

I often like to go to sleep on time and this might mean you could miss out on that amazing party that everyone talks about for years! But sometimes I just need my rest.

I sometimes start mocking the accent of the place I am in, and if you don’t have the same sense of humour this might seem a bit offensive – but I promise I am all about the respect and the only thing that looks bad is me.

I love to be the planner and I can be over-active and occasionally schedule too much in one day. If you like sitting at the pool and tanning for the whole day we might have a problem.

I am guilty of endlessly going on and on about useless facts about the place I am in … and I’m not embarrassed about this at all.

Whenever I have the chance to be in charge of music (during a road trip or in hostels) I will push my playlist, I obviously make The Best Mix and everyone has to know.

Being Bosnian and Dutch means I can be loud and you will hear me from at least three rooms away…possibly five if there’s thin plaster walls.

I don’t put up with rude people, wherever I find them on my travels, so if you’re more a non-confrontational type of person, you might not appreciate this!

What things make you a bad travel companion?

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  1. I feel bad wasting time sleeping or just hanging out when I’m travelling, especially if I only have limited time. So to avoid feeling guilty I will stay out and about and do as much as possible, even if it means my feet are about to fall off at the end of the day!

  2. Lets travel together. I’m just the same and I do the same things whem I’m traveling like you

  3. You sound like an awesome travel buddy!

    I have no sense of direction so I can never be in charge of the map. Unless I have a little red dot flashing away on Google Maps you can pretty much guarantee I’m lost!

  4. Haha, totally agree on the importance of food, photos and sleep while travelling! So maybe I’m not the best travel buddy either :’)

  5. Ik kon echt letterlijk met een knikje alles bevestigen. Behalve dat Bosnische dan. Bij mij schakelen alle systemen uit zodra ik honger/dorst/kou/verdwaald ben of moet plassen. Ook erg handig 😛

  6. 🙂 Tea you sound like me. I mean I like my own way of doing things, independence and not being held back by the needs and aspirations of someone which don’t compliment my own.

    It does sound like you are a great traveller who wants to make the most of every destination.

  7. Tea, you are totally funny and I love your self irony!! I think I would make a good travel buddy for you, cause I am guilty of half of your habits – especially photography obsession 🙂 Every time I am spending 15 minutes taking a creative pic of a pathetic torn muddy leaf, I get pretty much killed by whoever is with me!

  8. Oh, I’m actually guilty of lots of this, especially the photos! I also schedule a lot sometimes (it’s proving difficult to plan my 5-day trip to Kyoto with a friend and not do this), and speak too loudly. I’m Spanish so it’s our thing too haha. But yeah, I think we all have our things. I probably wouldn’t be bothered by most of your “faults”, because for instance so long as you don’t care? I’d probably go party alone and see you the next day.
    My biggest fault would probably be that I am too detached and independent. I’m too prone to turn to my travel companion and tell them to split for the day being if we’re not interested in the same things, and some people have told me this bothers them. But tbh I also need my time alone. Sometimes I think I’m best suited to solo traveling, but oh well.

  9. I too have an over active schedule, when I go on “vacation” there is really never any relaxing time. I’m also known to start planning my next trip before the one I’m even on is over. I just get so excited that I’m traveling that I can’t wait for the next trip!

  10. Haha this post really made me smile! I am guilty of some of these. We were joking that people at restaurants probably think we are insane – the moment they bring the food we start taking pictures. Oh, and usually the bars/restaurants list to visit is 3 times longer than the sightseeings.

  11. You are so funny! I think I’m serious competition in the horrible travle buddy section… Whenever I step into an art museum, I refuse to leave before I’ve stopped by every single piece and admired/analyzed it for a few minutes. Result: everybody ends up waiting for me in the cafe for about two hours! And I’m the same with pictures… I honestly wish I could walk up to servers in restaurants and adjust the lighting! This summer I’m going to New York with my fren h family, and I’ve decided that I want to go on a hint for the best street art, but I feel like that might be too ambitious to do in three days… I can’t wait, though!
    Marianne :))

  12. I see nothing wrong with ANY of the things you picked. We might be super compatible for travel, haha. Honestly. Plus, I HATE planning so I’d leave that to you. Plan away, little one!

    I’m the best travel companion there is! (I think). In my hometown I never go out, I rarely go places because I’m super lazy but when I’m traveling I go to all the places, get up early and walk, walk, walk. i even try all the food even though I’m a very picky eater. I try everything at least once (unless it’s bugs, nope, ever). I’m super laid back and will practically say yes to everything thrown my way. Only when I’m away, though.

  13. So funny you mention this. We ALWAYS feel like the worst travel buddies when we travel with other people because we’re always off taking pictures and videos like you mentioned! Our friends who just want to travel never “really” get it! 🙁

  14. That also makes me “the worst travel buddy”!!!!!
    That’s why I’m traveling solo, the last 4.5 years….and everyone is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Especially me!!!!!


  15. You don’t sound like a bad travel buddy at all! Sleeping is important haha 😉

    Jack and I have been traveling together for years and no one is perfect so it is hard to find someone who is a ‘good’ travel buddy. We are not even sure if it exists. Anyway we put together a fun .gif library of all the things that annoy your partner while traveling and not many of your above points are on there so you are doing fine hehe 🙂

    Great post, you sound like a delight to travel with!


  16. Ik denk dat ik je blog al bijna voor de helft gelezen heb, zo boeiend!
    Ik wil ook altijd overal foto’s van nemen met als gevolg dat iedereen ver voor mij uit loopt of naast mij staat te trippelen om verder te gaan. Gelukkig zijn ze achteraf dan wel blij met al die foto’s 😉